Thomas McGaughey

(Patrick) #1

Would the Coogs bring him back to coach CBs/Special Teams?

Carolina Panthers: It was reported elsewhere that special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey was fired, but sources tell FootballScoop that McGaughey chose to let his contract expire and has fielded multiple offers on the open market. Will update.

Thomas McGaughey who served in that role this season has interviewed with the Browns and is expected to meet with the Giants as well reports Joe Person.

(Alfred Matthews) #2



I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m guessing if he’s fielding offers from NFL teams that he’s not interested in coming back to a G5 team as a position coach. Just a guess though.


he is an alum and our ST coordinator in 2002…i doubt he’d view us as a g5

but still likely a pipe dream


I work with an ex teammate of his-Tim woods and he told me a month ago that mcGaughey wold love to come back here and coach.


This would be a home run hire as ST coach.

(Ben B) #7

Let Applewhite know!


Welp, so much for that idea.

(Patrick) #9

All good. Hope he has success in New York.

(Gerald) #10

But not too much success. I am a Cowboy fan … lol