Thoughts going out to ECU

Under going evacuations there now. Hope everyone finds safety.


The UCF game vs UNC has been cancelled due to the Hurricane.

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Not worried about if they can play a game or not. Worried that ECU is taking a direct hit from a category 4 hurricane.


Yep, good call! We were there not too long ago.

Worse than the winds will be the rain if it stalls it like Harvey. That’s the prediction I heard at lunch… Up to 30" of rain.

I wasn’t worried either. Just mentioned that they already called the game and I believe classes for UNC after today so students can evacuate. Plus it’s similar to us vs UTSA last year. Chill out dude.

Right now, football is not important in NC, SC, MD, and maybe Ga. coast. There are people in danger of losing evcerything they have – including thier lives. This is a tense time and our whole country should have the folks on the east coast in their prayers.

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My stomach turned a little when seeing the forecast model stalling Florence off Wilmington.

That seemed like an innocent enough statement but some folks had to point out their need to be more sensitive

Gas shortages and no bottled water left on the shelves. And it’s only Tuesday

My in laws live in Wilmington & do not want to evacuate. My wife went to ECU. Let’s all pray for the best.


Virginia Tech AD put out a message much like UTSA did where you could tell they were upset at the decision about cancelling the game. Some of these folks need to get their heads out of the sand.

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Hmm probably due to this morning’s prediction that the storm is tracking further south and Blacksburg may be untouched completely.

But that still doesn’t mean ECU doesn’t have to deal with travelling out of their area.

Yes, this hurricane is pretty scary.

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