Three scenarios - Just for laughs

(JohnnyCougar) #1

We shock the world and beat Oklahoma. They, Washington State, North Texas, and UCF have only one loss all year, to us. Run the table, beat Oklahoma AGAIN in the semis and in true Cougar fashion, get blown out by Alabama in the Final. (Footnote, we’re going to kill the curse this year in BB then we can talk)

We lose to OU, Leach, UCF and in true Cougar fashion, Nortth Texas. Beat Memphis at home for the division, lose to UCF in CCG and beat aggy in Independence Bowl.

We lose to the above along with Memphis and Cincinnati. Go to a who cares bowl.


With a new coach/staff, a lot of question marks and some tough games, I don’t see us beating either OU or WS. I just don’t as both have more depth and we have a LOT of questions on depth AND defense AND O line. I would be happy with competitive games and a winning season.


I’ll take option #1 and raise you. We win out and get in the playoffs and demolish both Clemson and Alabama and win the national championship!


Everything went wrong this year primarily in the injury department. Law of averages should mean that we will be healthy this year.


I predict 10-4.

I also predict we will be number 1 in the AAC regarding:

Pash rush
Turnovers forced
Total offense

(Dan) #6

6-6 is most realistic and I’ll take it. 8 regular season wins with this schedule and this defense and this depth I’ll be very happy. We are in a down cycle no matter who our coach is. It happens. Sad that it’s King’s last year but it is what it is.

(09Frontiersmen) #7

We are short on CB’s and moving to a secondary heavy defense. Depth will play a big factor down the stretch, if not early on vs P5 teams. We will have to coach em up and hope nobody gets hurt. Injuries are part of football. We are building something great under CDH, but not overnight. I’m torn between the 7-1 team that started hot last year and the team that lost by 56 to an Academy School in the bowl game. I like what Dana brings to the table so I’m hopeful we are competitive, which we weren’t against SMU last year.

(zx504) #8

We redshirt half the team and barely get bowl eligible. I’d take that scenario if we end up Like the 1975 team. We redahirted everyone to prep for our first year in SWC and won the conf in 1976.


This one…and the others are not even close. Take it in a heartbeat, although if we had a game against Bama, I want to win. We are 0-8 against them…

(Monte P Gilliam) #10

Cmon Dan! That is NOT most realistic…We will win more than 6 games…with offensive talent we have back, vastly improved coaching, and almost certainly a much better defense, this team should win at least 7 or 8 games…

(Mike Higdon) #11

Pash rush? Are you drinking – you’re slurring your words. :grin:

(Patrick) #12

This is close to what I think will happen, but I think we knock off North Texas and go 10-4. @H-Town, I think I figured out which way the 10-4 goes from my prediction earlier in the year.


I know. I sound drunk but we have a lot of speed (a lot) at LB. We have Chambers coming back, Caesar and Payne on the way, and the DC likes to dial up a ton of pressure from the secondary. We may not hold the title in sacks but i think we will force QBs to get rid of the ball.

I know people want to remain humble in their predictions but if they look closely at the roster (not the latter part of last season), we will have experience, and a hungry group of guys. Mix that with an aggressive DC and you have the makings of suprising a few teams.

(WRB) #14

I’ll stick with my prior predictions of 9 wins.

(Bran) #15

14-1 seams possible. Applewhite stumbled to a 8-5, record just on UH talent alone. Think about what a mind like Dana can do with all this talent. Hard work beats talent everytime and the boys are working hard this offseason. Go Coogs!

(Patrick) #16

There’s some 2015 similarities with this team. If Holgo and staff can push the right buttons, we could be in for a hell of a ride.

That 1st game is a doozy, though, but stranger things have happened.



(zx504) #18

Keep expectations low.
Holgs is in this for the long run.
Seasons 3-4, much more important than season 1.

(Thomas) #19

From my perspective, Hermosa had success at UH because he was so demanding of everybody around the program, many of them were scared into doing well. I think Hulk Holgo will be demanding but in a very different kind of way. I truly am looking forward to see how this program progresses over the next 2-3 years.


Applewhite and Army have broken this fan base in half. One side suggests CDH can get us to the AAC title game. The other suggests we won’t be bowl eligible. Maybe the meet and greet is for the coaching staff to hand out free hugs for those still hurting. lol