Tickets for Baylor Game?

I don’t see anything on our site or the athletic dept. site Are there any for UH fans?

They start at $85.00 on the Baylor site.

It won’t allow me to buy single tickets

I bought two from the Baylor site this morning. $105.00 each in the nosebleed section.

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I just saw some on starting at $75

Let’s put some Cougar red in the stands of the Waco Toilet Bowl.


I am contemplating buying 2 tickets since that is the minimum and trying to sell one. I am the only person I know that wants to go!

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Bought two this morning you won’t be alone.


Ill buy two tomorrow…it may just be me by myself going
edit: just bought them…top row, section 322
also bought a parking pass

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Now i know who to hit up for a ticket if I can get off work

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Baylor stadium holds 50,000. Does anyone happen to know how many fans they will allow at our game?

Baylor Athletics will begin the season with 25% capacity per game at McLane Stadium. As the season progresses, should an increase in capacity be permitted, we will expand single game ticket opportunities for our fans.


It holds 45,000 and in not designed to expand.

I went ahead and purchased 2 tickets in section 101 for 85 bucks each after taxes and fees. Not bad. I may have an extra ticket, will know in the next day or so.

It appears to be sold out now on the Baylor site.

I’d suppose the third party brokers will have some tickets still.

I have 1 extra ticket in 101 if someone wants it for less than I paid. I paid 86 after fees and all for each. I will of course take less than that. It was 62 plus 24 fee. No fees here. :slight_smile:

I can send it via phone as it a mobile ticket.


I will know if I have an extra on Friday.

If you have that ticket still, I’ll purchase it.

I might have an extra too. I’ll know Friday.

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