Tickets from the good old days

Just a little ‘throwback’ fun. Came across some of my ticket stubs from 1976/77. Top one is our first SWC game. They don’t make tickets like they used to! (Now get off my lawn)


You need to click the image to see them all apparently. At least that’s how it works on my computer.

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Sweet tickets!! I would only add that these days are pretty good too. I am class of 2014 and FB was life for everyone (still IS, but just a little less beer now a days :wink:). Haha


Very cool. Thanks.

Very cool stuff Bob. Thanks for sharing.

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Yup, I probably should of worded that differently. For sure these days have been very good, too. All I need to do to remind myself of that is to peek at the things happening all up and down the west side of Cullen. As a young alum in 1976 I never could have envisioned it. #GOCOOGS


Cool to see old tickets. I like the convenience of the ticket cards but in 10 and 20 years there will be no stubs…(sigh) the price of progress. (Let me go back to yell at clouds)


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