Tie Slama Jama




if we are playing on the phi slama thing, its got to be a whole new “fraternity” with a unique name …and catchy

or come up with a whole new motif like the “Splash City” Coogs, a play on “space city” because we love to shoot 3s…
or something of that nature

(Patrick) #23

Tre Droppa Hamma
3 Kings
All Day Trips
For-3-tta Center
H-Town from DownTown

(John m Bevil) #24

I like the Tre Center, where teams come to be mauled by 3’s. Death by a thousand 3’s.
We should keep the tie gate going. Without tie gate we could be #1 this season, we already
have the best record with 2 losses and a win over SEC Champion.

(Butch) #25

For the City is good for me…

(Dustin) #26

“We live and die by the 3” is total nonsense. You must have us confused with some other team. This team lives (and lives some more) by defense and rebounding. We’re 29-2 specifically because we don’t need to hit 3s to win. If we’re gonna take ourselves too seriously to be Tie Slama Jama, but we want a nickname, it should be refer to defense, not 3s.

(Ben B) #27

Tie Slama Jama works for that. We may not dunk, but we slam and jam the breaks on opposing offenses.

(Dan) #28

I don’t like a nickname that insinuates 3s. This is 2019, 60% of NCAA and NBA teams shoot a million 3s.

(Patrick) #29

Easy to incorporate the city of Houston, Sampson’s tie, and our coogs’ affinity for basketball into one word: Hoopties!


Phi Jamma Nu.

A mixture of the old, a D that will Jam up the opposing team, and a new generation.


I think you are all missing the point. I took “Tie Slama Jama” to be a nickname related to Sampson (slamming his tie down every game), not for the team.

(CoogsOfCV3) #32

We actually thought of making this a little bigger when there was a Tie Slama Jama sign at College Gameday

(Mike Higdon) #33

You can get one through UH shop on line. I would imagine they also have them at the fan shop in the garage.



What’s your website?


I am throwing in the tie on this argument. I appear to be outnumbered.



Maybe a cutout picture of his face and the “Sampsonites” underneath it. Nice and simple


Not “the” just “Sampsonites”

(CoogsOfCV3) #38

So on the shirt, (front) Kelvin’s face with Sampsonites below it? (I’ll use UH font).

For a “tie slama jama” We can probably just throw in a red tie with Tie Slama Jama running down the thing. We don’t know how much it will be for printing it on there.

(Trent) #39

Probably some specific mention of Houston basketball also. Gotta help noobs make the connection.


Stay out of legal trouble with the suitcase company. Use ‘Sampson-Nights’ instead.