Tie Slama Jama

(Ryon Adams) #1

Is the new nickname catching on?


Never heard it. But perhaps we should sell red ties at our home games! Mimic the coach as he does with his tie, we do. Then every Temple game…


Oh man, I love this! They should make t-shirts with a red detachable velcro tie on the front and “Tie Slama Jama” on the back. I would buy that right now.

(Mike Higdon) #4

I’d like a T that says, Bearcats, the Breakfast of Champions.


Tie Slama Jama is ridiculous.

You neither honor the current team or PSJ with that. It lacks all creativity whatsoever.

Furthermore, we are not a slamming, Jamming team. We live and die by the 3 point shot. The game has changed and we have changed.

If you want to do something with a Tie that is kind of corny. But we can live with that just like Guy V’s poka dotted towel.

PSJ belongs in a sacred place in our hearts and on our campus.

We should do something that will come naturally for the current squad.


HCNY, you sound like a Beatles fan.


All you need is love

And 3 guys that can hit a 3 point shot


The anti-tieslammajamma rally is on Friday at 3. We march on Katur’s office with HCNY in front. No messing around. This is serious


Somehow “we hitta shota” doesn’t work. I think “hotelya rectum reds” could work though.

(Trent) #10

I like “Sampsonite”.

(Ryon Adams) #11

Isn’t that a luggage brand?


Sounds good to me Northern as long as I get a cut of all merchandise.

Of course, I will kick a good portion back as a donation.




I’m on board with this. We should have shirts made out with this.


Forget the nickname. Just wear red ties.

(Chris) #16

“Just win baby”


So that’s a no on this issue

(CoogsOfCV3) #18

What would you want the design to look like?

(CoogsOfCV3) #19

We just put it up on our site

(Mike Higdon) #20

I just ordered one! Thanks for putting it up.