Tom Herman thought Houston would go to the Big 12

Tom Herman thought Houston would go to the Big 12

“Did I think so? Yeah, I did, to be quite honest with you,” Herman said when asked if he thought Houston was going to be the Big 12’s newest member. “I didn’t concern myself at all with things that I can’t control, but when you sit back and you’ve got a spare few seconds you think about the opportunities for the Big 12. We’re the best candidate for conference expansion in the entire country. Regardless of it’s the Big 12. We’re a tier one academic institution, we’re in the fourth-largest market in the country and we’re playing really good football right now and making unbelievable upgrades to our facilities and our program.

“I really thought that if the Big 12 did expand, then we were a no-brainer.”


Posted this before watching the video of the interview. Right before Patrick asks him the Big 12 question, CTH did go on a bit about how he loves it at Houston, how Michelle and he are happy to not have to move. etc. These are all things that we’ve heard before from him so nothing too new, but he’s been big on saying he’s a man of his word so it’ll be intriguing to see if he does follow through with what he’s saying.

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It is what it is. I know administration at UH was shocked as well. In the end, it probably was best for school long-term but damn it still stings right now.

I think we were all shocked. But talk about perception change. I read a few tweets and articles after the game an lot of them said “Houston is not your typical G5 program”…So with the culture change and success, our reputation has changed as well…

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Not getting in the Big12 was a huge kick in the nuts. We were warned over and over by our more seasoned Coogs that Texas would NEvER let us in. Yet we all believed it would happen. People were spreading rumors about how it was a done deal and UH was in the process of signing the contracts. Hell we even had public tweets from UT administration and yet a big fat No. president of the big 12 sites that the market showed them it was not viable to expand. So I have to think that ESPN said no. So all my anger is pointed in that direction. Going forward I would thunk we need to focus on ESPN. On the flip side we need to keep pressure up or as much as we can on UT politically and never be dismayed again thinking UT is a friend of UH.


After Thursday night even Kirk Bohls is stating UH is NOT a G5 program and is a legitimate P5 upper level top 10 candidate.

I seriously believe if a top tier or up and coming HC and support is established here with our local recruiting territory in place that we will continue to dominant UNTIL a P5 finally adds us to their number.

Herman would do well to be patient but if he leaves instead then I doubt seriously it wouldn’t be long before we find a more than suitable replacement.

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Interesting that Coach emphasized we are the #1 candidate for any P5 conference. Where are you BoogCoog?

not getting into the B12 will be a blessing, there’s greater out there. Keeping plugging away & we’ll get there.

We’re a P5 school in G5 clothing. You wait. Soon we’ll get the complaints from other P5 schools that our path to the playoffs is easier. lol i say. Let us in then beeches.

Anyways, improve the OOC schedule. We CAN’T play Rice and utsa and Texas St and Lamar and expect to contend for anything other than a participation ribbon. Still, the conference needs to step up too.


If Herman is sincere about staying, him offering to put a $10 million buyout in the contract would go a long way toward reassuring recruits that he plans to stay a few more years.

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Who was the one that said their Psychic told them we would get into the Big XII?

A $10M buyout would require reciprocal buyout for dismissal a la Sumlin.

Maybe I understand the buyout differently. As far as I know, a coach is paid the entire amount of a contract unless there is a buyout negotiated to pay less. The contracts always favor the coaches. Unless otherwise stipulated, coaches can leave for another job at any time but schools have to pay a coach if they decide to replace the coach.

i think he will stay for a long time if he does not leave this season. i think it was interesting that dp asked about his wife. he responded with the how many times they moved and how they feel they have a home here… michelle put up with the journey but now that they are here with the big $ and stable environment, i am sure she does not have much of an appetite to go to a lesser destination…she probably wants to put down roots for her and the kids …so i think when they do talk it will be where can they make a long stable life for the family and throw the uncertainty out that window…you know darn well the answer is uh…he could stay here for life


Indeed - and I was one of those “more seasoned Coogs.” NEVER - EVER trust anything the whorns say; they have always been our enemy; they are still our enemy; they will ALWAYS be our enemy! Got that?

Now - about that land they bought for their proposed UT-Houston. We should move Heaven and Earth to put a stop to that; it will eventually be the world’s biggest “Trojan Horse”; they intend for it to overwhelm the University of Houston eventually in everything - academics, sports, research. Don’t doubt me on this!

And - in addition to opposing the very existence of UT-Houston, I want someone in the state government to investigate exactly who profited from that land purchase! I have read that they paid something like 8 times the amount the land had recently sold for. Who were the middle-men; was criminality involved?

So many questions; so few answers!

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I definitely agree. I would rather see mid to lower level P5 schools or top G5 with the occasional easy game here or there, but there are many factors that go into OOC games.

I think he said his psychic said the ACC before January, not the Big XII.


psychic said ACC

The psychic said we would end up in the Big, not the big12

I’ve been following UH since back in the 60s, long before we moved into th Dome. The one constant in all those years is that UT has never had our back. And they never will.

They are very political about everything. They came close to supporting us this last time but that was ONLY because UH finally got smart and lined up our political support. We still hold the cards here and should aggressively press our advantage. I’m totally with EatEmUp. Lay our ears back and go after the whole land deal. Don’t stop until someone is in jail. It’s the least we can do.

Now get ready for it and I mean strap it on. UT’s gawd awful loss to Kansas today put a fork into Charlie’s career. He’s done and you better bet they will be coming after Herman. Like I said, strap it on.


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