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(Coog) #21

I am right here. I have only been able toakr one basketball game this year because of working 2 jobs. I caught a lot of the game in my car today and turned up 950 am and it felt electric sitting in my car listening to the Cougars! I am starting to feel like my dream is coming to fruition.


Dude I feel your dream. I too work two jobs, and was listening to 950 am and the crowd roaring throughout. I havent been able to make it to any games this year, but i listen and watch as if I am there. Your dream was awesome. I feel deeply that we may be living “your vision of the night”! Make no mistake, this is a Final Four caliber team!!!

Btw, if your dream come true, I hope Jim Nantz is chosen announcer of that game to witness all of that in person!!!

(Thomas) #23

I thought it was interesting that when Sampson put Hinton on the Cumberland Gap that he shut him down the last 6 plus minutes of the game.