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Phillip Montgomery Dana holgerson and Todd Orlando with k Briles

No thank you. Not only do I not want Orlando, I’d also rather not see the Briles name affiliated with my Alma Mater ever again.

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please explain how the guy responsible for the defensive success on the field would be bad for us?

I’m a little confused about not wanting Orlando as well. If it’s because the defense got off to a bad start for the Memphis game and had a rough day missing it’s top two defenders against Navy, you are expecting way too much from a defensive coordinator.

Keeping Orlando around could make the difference on getting this kid or not.

Having Chaisson and Oliver on the D-line at the same time would be awesome.

The “success” is very questionable. As I posted in another thread, his defense gets consistently torched by the pass. We’ve lived the last two years with receivers getting wide open down field and either being overthrown or dropping passes. When those mistakes don’t happen, we’re left with games like Tulsa and Memphis and Navy this year where we give up way too damn many points.

Herman has started a great thing here. I do not believe having someone on the current staff would be a bad thing. In fact, I think it would be a great thing. Orlando is an excellent defensive coordinator. We live in an offensive world. Offenses are going to get their yards and their points. Yet did you see the way the defense shut down Louisville? Did you see how they took Cook out of the game at FSU? Orlando is a great DC. That doesn’t mean he will be a great head coach or deserves to be our next head coach. It does however mean, he has earned the right to have a chance.

The problem with the ‘continuity hire’ is that it’s dependent on how many of the other assistants leave with Herman, and then what kind of associations that potentially lone remaining staff guy has to build up his own staff.

You can bet that Yancy is for sure going with Herman. I’m not sure how many others, but the cupboard could be pretty bare after its all said and done.

An outside choice at least has the potential to bring in a lot of his guys for the staff. Holgerson would be a great get if that rumor has any legs. And I’d add, if you want to no longer be a ‘stepping stone’ program, its time for UH alums to welcome Art Briles back if he’s interested. He’d never leave again, and would be a huge success.

Willie Fritz, Major Applewhite, Philip Montgomery

Nyet to Orlando and not because of Memphis … too much distractions and he adjusted at half.

Navy however he NEVER adjusted to the pitch … kept placing the safety on the pitch and Navy kept blocking him should have alternated the corners like most defend option but he didn’t and it cost us

Then the SMU game … fagetbouit

I suspect he is going to Austin anyway.

Opie or Montgomery would be my top choices

If the rumor I heard about after the UT/WV game is true, Orlando has hitched his wagon to Herman.

Sonny Dykes?

I vote for Orlando and a good OC hire. No Applewhite, please no. I do not have an issue with Kendal but it might be tough for the UH faithful to embrace that hire. And no Art. I was a big fan of his when here but I do not want that kind of judgement associated with my University.

Dave Aranda at LSU HC with Kendall Briles as OC

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Would Ed Oliver be happy playing for anyone but Orlando and Meekins? I’d like to keep him and continue his upward trajectory.

Even absent the fact that he’s an incredibly gross human being that would bring a ton of scrutiny to our school, what’s with all the hype for Baby Briles? The Bears’ offense hasn’t exactly been an unstoppable force this year.

Aranda has my vote.

Top options for me:

  1. Promote Todd Orlando to HC
  2. Go after Lincoln Riley
  3. Bring Meachum Back
  4. Get Aranda if he is not retained by LSU

lol You talk about us getting torched by the pass and then bring up Navy? Just to be clear EVERY college gets torched by the pass occasionally. But let’s stick with the facts. Even with the terrible effort against Memphis, our passing defense efficiency is ranked 44th best. If the worst part of your defense is still ranked 44th and the team faced two Heisman trophy candidates, I’ll take that over any defenses we have ever had since the Jack Pardee days.

We are ranked 15th in yards allowed per game. 30th in scoring defense. 13th in sacks. 19th in tackles for a loss. 3rd in rushing yards allowed. 3rd in defensive TDs.

We held Jackson to his lowest passer rating and least amount of yards rushing. We held Mayfield to his second lowest passer rating and his second least yards rushing.

Let’s bring up the Navy game again. We were missing our top 2 defenders but it really wasn’t the defense that blew the game. 19 points from Navy came from a safety, a pick six, a 12 yard TD drive after an 85 yard kick return and a 7 yard field goal drive after an onside kick attempt. If you want to credit the defense for not holding Navy to a field goal after the big kick return, then fine, 16 points.

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