Tramon Mark

He opened the big tournament in Pasadena with 32 points.




Let’s not forget that deadly sniper Idaho transfer who is just getting better.

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Wow. Needed that last night

Holy cow!

Wow! I had not gotten the impression he was that type of an offensive force or agressive enough to post those type of numbers.

I didn’t see that in him in the game I saw him play. He was a bit passive in that one. He reminded me of Grimes a little bit - good at everything but not great at anything.

That’s a good comparison. He has a lot of ability but he can be a bit passive sometimes. When he gets it going he can put up points easily. Very streaky shooter. Gonna be interesting to see him when Coach Bishop and CKS get to work with him. He has a the ability to be conference player of the year if he puts it together.

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Looks like we will have a sniper next season! This is veeerrrry impressive.

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I think our snipers will be Sasser and Tyson but getting contributions from Mark, Hinton, Jarreau and Mills

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Ridge Point beat Dickinson pretty handily at that tourney…not sure how Tramon did but I got the feeling he doesn’t have a lot of help.
They will be playing at Ridge Point early next month and I am hoping to go see him play.
Just looking at the films the kid has quite an offensive game, but I have seen critics say he is very hot and cold from outside.
He handles the ball well, but let’s face it, there is no way he is going to dominate really good teams by driving at will to the basket.
The good news is that the kid hasn’t come close to reaching his peak as a player, something coach Sampson will certainly help him with beginning next year…

He’s a special player, 6-5, long, quick, and can do everything well. There’s a reason he’s rated one of the three best in the state. I expect him to go to the NBA after his junior year, hopefully no earlier. His point guard is like 5’6, and I don’t think there’s much inside presence. So it’s pretty much Ridge Point or Clear Lake or Pearland vs Tramon.

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