Tropical Storm Michael

(David) #21

Greenville, NC is about 500 miles from Albany, GA. Could the storm pack a punch big enough after 500 miles over coastal land to damage airports and infrastructure enough to impact the game? I am not trying to minimize the seriousness of the storm or put football above the welfare of anyone. Let’s hope it keeps moving fast and does minimal damage from this point. Florida coast will take some time to get back to normal.

(Marcus) #22

Looks like the worst of the storm is due to hit the Greenville area in the next few hours. Maximum sustained winds are down to 50 MPH and rain forecast is only in the 2-4 inches rain. Hopefully nothing strange happens, but it looks pretty likely that no major damage will prevent air traffic or the game.

(Jimmy Morris) #23

They just have to wait and see if it blows through or it stalls in the area. Houston should have a clear picture of what to do by tomorrow morning.

(Mike Higdon) #24

It looks like Michael is going to the west of Greenville a ways and Greenville isn’t getting much effect.

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(PMM) #26

Looks like the brunt of whatever is left is missing ECU to the West.

(Mike Hull) #27

that’s amazing football weather on Saturday–wish I was going to be there

(Dan) #28

I am 7 hours due west of ECU and attended a high school game tonight. Amazing football weather, hoodies, shorts, whatever. The good temps and clear skies should be there by Saturday.