Tropical storm

Little early update for CFISD parents.
All schools will be closed on Tuesday

Edit: they may have already made it Public but they’re usually one of the last Districts to make thgs Public. Been like thst for long time.

Tonight will be rough

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Anytime Houston gets ready for a big storm, nothing happens. When we don’t get ready, that’s when we get it bad. So I’m expecting this to be a non issue.

First thing it’s not considered a Big storm whatsoever. Will only be 30-45 mph winds. Much rain is expected starting this evening. Norb could you pls stay outdoors tonight n let us know in the morning how it went. :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Coastal communities are ones to receive biggest impact. West & NW of Houston could be spared w less than 2" of rain.

Pasadena isd and UH closed tomorrow

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I know but one of those is always better than the other. :blush:

My kids school let out early and they canceled tomorrow. It’s not even raining!

Thank god we have the indoor practice facility.

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Looks like this won’t be as bad a rain event as models originally predicted. Space City Weather guys are saying 6-12 inches along the coast (Galveston/Brazoria/SE Harris Co). Up to 6 inches possible for most of Harris Co, then 3 inches or less for NW Harris Co.

Much rather be prepared for more and get less, than be unprepared and get more than expected. The back half of that reminds me of TS Allison scenario, where it seemed like thousands were out on the road or out and about, and got stuck wherever they were. Downtown and TMC were woefully unprepared for that one.

Strange to think that a foot of rain could now be considered by some as “just a false alarm”.


So I was outside during the night and it was not that bad.

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I don’t believe you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What part of Metro Houston you live in. You probably playing me in live in AZ. :upside_down_face:

I’m in the Clear Lake area. Wind was pretty intense for a few hours. Lost power from 2am-9:30.

I’ve been in this house since 2008, but left during Ike, so this was the worst wind I’ve experienced here. Some of the sounds were unsettling, for sure.

No damage that I can see, but wrecked my pepper plants and okra.

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