Tulane Allotment Sold Out

(Jay C.) #1

Just an FYI, called ticket office the morning and our allotment for Tulane is totally sold out. Sections 115-118


They must not have given us many tickets, there’s plenty in all those sections on Tulane’s site

(Larry) #3

Well then we’ll buy ours via Tulane site.


UH sent a huge crowd last time.


We are just going to go to ticket gate before game and buy tickets on visitor side, there won’t be a large crowd anyway


Just looked at the Tulane ticket sight and there are plenty of seats in sections 120 - 122. These are $35 each plus a fee. Seats located between the 30 yard lines. If you want 50 yard line seats then section 121 is the spot. FYI - Buying regular season away game tickets through our ticket office does not benefit U of H the same way as buying bowl game tickets do. For bowl games U of H is on the hook for its full allotment. There is not an obligation for U of H to sell regular season away game ticket allotment and I am not sure if U of H receives any of the ticket revenue for selling away game tickets. Also away game tickets through U of H are usually in the end zone / corners such as 115-118 for the Tulane game. GO COOGS!

(Jay C.) #7

What site did you see the available tickets? I’ve tried looking on what I thought was the official ticket site for Tulane, but their website is even worse than ours and tells me there’s no game on 11/18/2017.


Search Tulane football tickets 2017.
Or http://tulanegreenwave.com Then click on Tickets.
Or search Tulane football ticket office telephone number. Maybe if you call them there is not a fee for buying tickets.


Something is off here. When you go to the Tulane ticket site the biggest majority of the seats in sections 117 & 118 are not sold?


TTB - Maybe the tickets allotted to U of H will not show as sold until U of H ticket office sends Tulane the payment for all of the seats sold through our ticket office. Honestly, I do not know.

I do know there are plenty of seats in 120-122 which are far better viewing seats for the game compared to 115-118 which are in the end zone / corner.


We always show well at Tulane games. In addition, it is a very small stadium, perhaps our allottment from them was small as well.


Changed my mind just bought 2 tickets in section 121 off Tulane website it was easy


it was their athletics site


Call Andrew at Tulane Ticket Office.
I got 6 seats in Section 121, 50 yard line.