Tulane game time/network set

2:30 on CBSSN.


What the hell?!? F’in 230p to be on that craptastic flippin’ network. The frickin’ sun blasting down on us again. These f’in idiots have no frickn’ idea how hot it is in Houston! I am going to be a fried shrimp, cuz I’m whiter than hell!

…see y’all there.




Should be cooler by then - 2:30 could be perfect.

It’s almost fricking November and it still feels like Summer. Hopefully, a cold front hits Houston soon, as in the next Saturday soon.

If only there were a group of people that predicted the weather and a way to check it at our leisure through some sort of online search engine…

Maybe someday we’ll have the technology to do that.

Horn fans complained about 2:30 kickoff two days ago but a lot stayed to the end. Now we know to bring lots of sunscreen and hydrate.

Not excited about CBSSN but better than 11 am kick.

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