Tulsa game thoughts

(Mike Higdon) #81

You must have a very, very short memory.

(Mike Higdon) #82

I don’t mind long games; I wish we had 30 minute quarters. I wait all year for football to start and we only have a handful of games. I really don’t think we get enough.

(Ben) #83

I agree, but another way of looking at it, if we had not received two gifts in the forth quarter, it could have been a second loss . . . . .

(Cooglington S. Kongsteen) #84

Here’s the disconnect between the Komrades Ihateskiscmacmduhfootball. Those turnovers were not gifts. The first was the result of a sack and perfect blitz which left the TU QB unprotected. The second an interception created by the coverage. They were not accidental nor gifts.

But for the trollskis anything achieved as a result of coaching or scheme is unpossibleski. You see players are just running around willski and nillski and luckski happens.

They forget that both TOd resulted in TDs. Not magical, lucky TDs but real life offensive schemed TDs.

(Gt) #85

Houston ranks next-to-last nationally in passing yards allowed per game this year. What do you think of that stat? Not counting this game.


First the number is inflated by TT game. Second, we have had games where we led 38-0 Arizona, 42-6 ECU, 70-6 TSU and last drive vs Rice where the 3rd string D has given up a lot yards and points.
Thus yards per play and defense efficiency rankings are much better gauges.

(Gt) #87

Rice? The pass defense was terrible against a terrible team in that first half. And I can’t remember any recent coogs team that would have given over 60pts against TT especially when it was close last year.


What does one year have to do with the other? With Davis getting hurt on first series, UH had 2 different safeties vs TT in 2017 vs 2018 neither with experience. They faced a different QB and Kingbury called a completely different game. The defense started 2 new LBs vs TT. The defense missed tackles on the first 2 TD drives. They got off field on 4 of first 6 drives and then imploded. Rice was 2 blown coverages in first half. Sprewell 1st game and blew one.
Did the offense come out firing on all cylinders vs Rice? The D intercepted a pass when UH was up 3-0,…gave O ball on Rice 22…3 plays and missed FG…

(Gt) #89

No recent coogs team would have given up 60+ points to TT.

And you’re defending the coogs on pass defense against Rice? One of the worst teams? 2 of Rice’s receivers avg about 18 yards a catch. Another guy caught about 30 yards on another reception. A terrible rice team had almost 300 yards of passing yards. Rice is 1-6.

(Gt) #90

Why you asking me about the UH offense? I never said anything about the offense. Offense is one of the best in the conference, if not in the NCAA. It’s why the coogs have a good record.


If you say so. Did the defense have anything to do with leads of 38-0 over Arizona, 70-6 over TSU and 42-6 over ECU?

(David) #92

I cannot remember a recent Coogs team that could put over 600 yards and 49 points against TT either. The 2016 team gave up 555 yards on 79 plays to Memphis on the road. The 2018 team gave up 700 yards on 100 plays to Texas Tech on the road. Both defenses gave up about the same yards and points per play. I am not saying the defense played great in the TT game but I am not going to lay the blame squarely on the defense when the teams combine for over 190 plays. Hard to say how many points another version of the Cougar D would have yielded to TT this year on that day with that QB.

(Gt) #93

Im talking pass defense. Don’t change the topic.