TV Ratings - Week 7

Latest from David Barron has us doing a 4.6 against Tulsa on ESPN2. Only game that beat ours in the Houston area was Alabama at Tennessee on CBS. More people watched our game than the Ohio State-Wisconsin game that we were head to head against and featured 2 Top 10 teams while being on ABC. The Cincy game was also bumped up to a 6.8 from a 6.7.

Will be interesting to see if OU-UH can hold the top spot after this weekend.

The Big 12 is clearly dead to the Houston market. I honestly don’t know how the little 8 will be able to get a kid of quality out of Houston.

It is clearly a SEC and University of Houston market now.t

We keep talking about the Houston area being dead to the BigXII market and being an SEC market. I think the problem is not the BigXII, but ESPN. Houston is still an ESPN market, and until ESPN suffers a ratings drop in Houston, or they see they can get a significant bump in Houston by adding UH to a prestigous conference, we will be left out.

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You are right there is no incentive for ESPN to move Houston to the Big 12. There is, however, A HUGE incentive for ESPN to force the Big schools to play us out of conference. The Houston OU game was a ratings monster, can you imagine Texas v Houston?

Wow! B12-2 are mostly at the bottom. @Coog51 You should work for ESPN, that just might blow their mind. So easy to comprehend! I personally don’t get them.

UH vs Texas St. on ESPNU beat a primetime TCU vs Arky on ESPN… that tells you everything you need to know about Big12 interest in Houston.

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We never got UH at Navy ratings right because CBSCS blows or something like that?

I’d be interested to see how all these specific games did nationally as well.

I do not work in this business, but would this not be grounds to tell the network, see this? Where is my piece for making you rich?

Right; CBSSports isn’t tracked by Nielsen.

Anyone know why that is? Are they, CBSSports, just that cheap?

Not enough viewers.

just noticed the name of the file is Big 12-2.:joy::joy::joy:


Redid it and included national ratings, average viewers, and times:

Here’s the reasoning for more viewers for the Texas-ND game from David Barron:
Oddly enough, OU-UH had a higher rating than the Notre Dame-Texas game Sunday night at 11.5, but because the Texas game went longer, it had a higher average total viewership at 419,000 to 407,000 for the Cougars’ game.

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