UAB proposed stadium renderings

(Patrick) #1

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Birmingham Bowl will have a new location hopefully.
Legion Field getting long in the tooth.

(Patrick) #3

Getting? Legion Field has been long in the tooth.

Hope it passes as the AAC still has a spot in the Birmingham Bowl against a P5.


Good to know the orientation of the stadium compared to the social security building.

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I hope for better things next time UH is Birmingham way.

That 2014 Compass Bowl v Vandy was a grind.
Legion Field, rain & cold. It was miserable out.
Jordan Matthews tore us up early. We come back to tie at end of 3d…then suck in the 4th.

(Chris) #6

It looks as if two five years old put together a couple of lego pieces together. Is the white roof/concourse double down as a jogging track. That could be cool.

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Considering how far we have come…I’m really happy those guys get to enjoy college football. Hope they get things turned around completely and can become as self-supportive as possible…so there’s never talk again about shuttering the program.


Is this really a good deal for UAB? They have to pay $4 mil a year to play here. I assume since it’s publicly owned the concessions will also not go to the school. It looks like a nice stadium but a financial drain for UAB.