UCF@SMU on ESPN2 at 8 central

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Chance to get a look at whats ahead for UH.

(PMM) #2

Both teams play 1/2 court game…Ray McCallum would have been proud. Boring Basketball, but both teams played really good defense.

We will have our hands full with both. Probably better than UCF, but since we only play them once and at their place, will be a tough one.

(Dan) #3

Win or lose, we should be happy we have a fun team to watch. UCF is not a fun team to watch. They had 33 points with like 7 minutes left in the game.

(Patrick) #4

UCFs leading scorer from last year, BJ Taylor, has been out since the first game so it’s no surprise that Dawkins has them slowing it down with him (and his own son) out. Sadly, we won’t see UCF until February at their place and Taylor will probably be back by then. Last year, he torched us pretty bad when they beat us.

(Patrick) #5