UConn at Boise State

I know just because team a beats team b and team b beats team c, it doesn’t mean team a is always better than team c. Putting that aside …

Milton threw 3 INTs today on his way to a 38-0 victory. I’m curious if Boise State can do to UConn what UCF did to UConn.

Boise at home. I think it’s a 5 TD win.

Maybe. Boise State and UCF are neck and neck in both polls. Boise State has an incentive to win by more than 56-17.

Boise’s blue turf and MATCHING uniforms is pure BS.

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Won’t watch their home games . . . . . too much blue . . . . .

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I didn’t realize that Boise State’s QB was Mark Rypien’s nephew. A little bit of pedigree to him. I wonder if his mother was a mudder. :slight_smile:

OK seen enough. UConn is worse than they have ever been. UCF schedule is not going to help them. North Carolina up next and they just got beat up by ECU.

FAU rebounded with a win against Air Force so that will be UCF’s first decent test of the year.


His mutha was a mudder?


He is compaing the kid to a horse… Not sure I get it either

He got it. It’s OK not to get it. It’s not funny if I explain it. :slight_smile:

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I missed that by a long shot. UCONN must really really suck.

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Yeah, that program really needs to get it’s crap together. They haven’t had a winning record since the Big East days. Their basketball program has had a losing record two straight years. They are the bottom quarter in attendance in the conference. They’ve been the lowest rated in recruiting.

If they don’t show some sign that they give a damn about being competitive, then what’s the point on having a team so far away from 2/3rds of the members?


Bringing back Edsell was a terrible idea. He got way too much credit for taking an 8-4 team in a weak conference to the Fiesta Bowl (that they lost). He was awful at Maryland and UCONN welcomed him back like he was some kind of savior. It would be like us welcoming Kim Helton back.

Winning up there is tough…talent isn’t as plentiful and there aren’t many guys from the south willing to go play at UCONN. Diaco was the wrong man for the job, but there are others out there that would work better.

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