UConn thumped SMU

(Ryon Adams) #1

SMU may be faltering towards the end of the season.


SMU has suffered some major losses to an already not very deep team. It’s a shame too because they were probably going to make the dance which would have brought our total to 4 AAC teams. They are most likely not going to finish well now.

(Mike Higdon) #3

That’s OK, we will gladly take their dance card.


I think we’re going to get an invite whether SMU does or not. But the more teams we have in the dance, the more money our conference gets. Would be nice to have them in just for the extra dollars!

(PMM) #5

SMU’s biggest problem is that this is the second year that Larry Brown has been gone.

Great B.B. coach will have to find another school to cheat at. SMU was perfect for him.

Wonder if he will surface again given his age !


Assuming that we would have the same amount of wins vs. SMU regardless, our resume would look much better with them doing well against the rest of the conference and finishing as an rpi top 50 team.

(Alfred Matthews) #7

They also lost their 2nd best scorer too for the season.

(shharper01) #8

And have reduced scholarships thanks to Larry Brown.

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UConn just beat down by Temple last night.
They are 0-15 last 2 seasons vs RPI Top 50 teams.
Every loss by 8 points or more. Average loss by 17.


UConn’s plummet to mediocrity in the AAC has been nothing short of spectacular. Kevin Ollie must truly be a terrible coach to do what he’s done to that program in such a short amount of time.

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Calhoun did a great job developing guys who came up big as juniors & seniors. Ollie won the National Championship with that last mix of Calhoun developed players. Napier, Boatright, Daniels, etc.

Ollie cant keep guys around. @ 1/2 his recruits have left. Trying to fill the holes with mid major grad transfers isn’t getting it done.

(PMM) #12

You failed to mention what a CHEATER Calhoun was !!

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LOL. That would be like saying water is wet !
Judging by the NCAA getting ready to shine UConns ass…Looks like Ollie takes after Calhoun but just isn’t as good at it.