Walk off Grand Slam to send Louisville home, wow.

(Patrick) #2

That was amazing. Combined with the walk-off single by Arizona last night, the super regionals have been amazing.

(Patrick) #3

Video of the Walkoff grandslam:

(Patrick) #4

Coastal Carolina knocks out LSU with a walk-off single:


A lot of upsets. It’s unfortunate that ECU couldn’t pull through. They had Tech against the wall yesterday in the 9th, 1st and 2nd with no outs and just didn’t execute.

Dog piles seem terrifying for the guy that won the game.

(Patrick) #6

Only one game remains in the Super Regionals: FSU and Florida on ESPN2, Monday at 6 pm CDT


Where are all the mighty SEC teams.

(Patrick) #8

Florida knocked out FSU so only 1 ACC team and 1 SEC team in the CWS.