(Cristian) #1

Crazy what Liverpool did to Barca (:joy::joy::joy::joy:) and today Tottenham pulls its out against a young Ajax. Second english final ever and last one 11 years ago. Whos gonna take La Orejona in Madrid?

(Chris) #2

Two great games. Barca collapsed like they did last year against Roma. Valverde might not be there very much longer. Rakitic has had like Modric the World cup hang over. Liverpool was very efficient while isolating Busquets. As you know every game is won in the middle. Barca’s midfiled was non existent. That is Valverde’s fault. He knew Liverpool had no choice but to hammer them early. Barca looked like an under 17’s Team playing against men. Xavi and Iniesta were Barca’s heart(s) Messi is a great player but this latest Champions League debacle is not good for his level.
Pochetino adjusted his Team’s set up with Llorente. All of a sudden it nullified Ajax’s phyisical dominance in the last third and into Ajax’s first option to bring the ball back. This was the best coaching move in the last few months. Llorente and Moura complement each other. Are they better without Keane? They are in the Champion’s League Final without him. Very interesting.

(Cristian) #3

Barca collapsing made my whole week. How do you go 3-0 at home and fall 4-0 away. Valverde shouldnt be fired. He’s not the one running up and down. That and not being aware during that free kick goal is on them. Valverde what he should’ve done is put players that were hungry. Coutinho and Messi are getting most of the blame which they should but Busquets, Pique and Suarez were gone. Pique is at fault in goals 1,3 and 4. They knew Liverpool was hungry and after the good game they displayed even if the score didnt reflect it first leg they came back without their starters. As far as Tottenham, Ajax shouldve opened up their wings and penetrated trough the sides. Lucas tore them up. PSG is probably kicking themselves letting him go. Playmakers and people who can handle the ball in tight space when theyre flooding the box is where its at. Lucas played the wing at PSG also but i remember at times they drop him to the middle to compensate for all their other stars. Lets also give credit to Lamela and Lloris. Lloris coming off a Worldcup win and going to the CLF. WOW.

(Chris) #4

Players play but two years in a row is no longer an excuse. The fact that they looked flat in the semi final is inexcusable. Tottenham created their own luck and Ajax was simply green and let it slip away. You could tell at 2-1 they were already “off” and worrying. Germany played against Holland a few months ago. Germany equalized then went on to win in the last few minutes. Ajax should have learned from it especially DeJong. Hugo Lloris is a great goal keeper. IMO he is top three without a doubt. Moura never got a fair share at psg ( I am an Olympique de Marseille fan) psg…I like to call them psquatari is not a Team. Talking about Coaching. Tuchel is up 2-0 at MUFC. What in the world is he doing attacking them at home in the return. Tuchel is way over rated. Pochetino played at psg…don’t you think he would do much netter? No doubt.

(Cristian) #5

They’re not use to getting drowned in goals. I think that if Valverde really had control of the team he wouldve made the necessary changes or set the appropriate line up. Only he knows how the players felt. Tottenham is good coaching. Down 2-0 Pochetino comes back at the half having ignited them. He made a miracle happen with Moura i dont think he wouldve had this opportunity at Madrid if he had moved. Top 5 current GK for me. Buffon being first, Then Iker, Neuer, Lloris, Cech. Emery had everything to win at PSG Tuchel doesnt know what he walked into with the Qatar money they are aggresive with loyalty and expectations of win now.