UH 2017 Depth Chart - NCAA 14

Hey guys, I am back again this year asking your fanbase to please give me a 2017 depth chart for your Cougars. It would be awesome if you guys could post a 3 deep depth chart for me as it’s my goal to represent your Cougars the best that I can on this years rosters for NCAA 14.

Offense – Returning Starters in Bold

QB 10 Kyle Allen QB 6-3 211 JR Scottsdale, Ariz. (Texas A&M) OR
4 D’Eriq King QB 5-11 190 SO Manvel, Texas (Manvel HS) OR
3 Kyle Postma QB 6-2 200 SR Katy, Texas (Trinity Valley CC)
RB 2 Duke Catalon RB 6-0 215 JR Houston, Texas (Texas)
25 Dillon Birden RB 5-10 200 SR Houston, Texas (Blinn JC) OR
34 Mulbah Car RB 6-0 210 SO Austin, Texas (John H. Reagan HS) OR
32 Kevrin Justice RB 5-11 205 SO Kilgore, Texas (Kilgore HS)
WR 15 Linell Bonner WR 6-0 200 SR Houston, Texas (Dekaney HS)
83 Derek McLemore WR 5-10 187 SR Southlake, Texas (Southlake Carroll HS)
6 Jeremy Singleton WR 5-10 175 FR New Orleans, La. (Brother Martin HS)
WR 88 Steven Dunbar WR 6-3 202 SR Metairie, La. (Rummel HS)
18 Keith Corbin WR 6-2 193 SO Beaumont, Texas (West Brook HS) OR
17 Terry Mark WR 6-1 195 SO Lufkin, Texas (Lufkin HS)
WR 21 Ellis Jefferson WR 6-4 220 SR Denton, Texas (Arizona State) OR
9 Courtney Lark WR 6-2 195 SO Bellaire, Texas (Bellaire HS)
85 John Leday WR 6-0 200 SR Port Arthur, Texas (Memorial HS)
TE 82 Romello Brooker TE 6-3 240 JR Houston, Texas (Alief Taylor HS)
87 Alex Leslie TE 6-5 240 SR New Braunfels, Texas (Iowa State)
84 Kobe Idumwonyi TE 6-1 240 SO Cedar Hill, Texas (Cedar Hill HS)
LT 74 Josh Jones OL 6-5 303 SO Richmond, Texas (George Bush HS)
62 Jarrid Williams OL 6-6 295 SO Cedar Hill, Texas (Cedar Hill HS) OR
56 Dixie Wooten III OL 6-3 310 FR Houston, Texas (Lamar HS)
LG 72 Mason Denley OL 6-4 308 JR Columbus, Texas (Columbus HS)
71 Deon Mix OL 6-4 315 SR Batesville, Miss. (Auburn) OR
76 Kameron Eloph OL 6-3 290 JR Bossier City, La. (Parkway HS)
C 69 Will Noble OL 6-4 297 JR Leander, Texas (Rouse HS)
61 Ryan Deshotel OL 6-4 304 SO Pearland, Texas (Pearland HS)
RG 73 Marcus Oliver OL 6-3 300 SR Houston, Texas (Westfield HS)
53 Alex Fontana OL 6-0 305 SR Toronto, Canada (New Mexico Military Institute)
77 Keenan Murphy OL 6-1 290 RS FR Crosby, Texas (Crosby HS)
RT 52 Braylon Jones OL 6-3 311 SO Tyler, Texas (John Tyler HS)
51 Na’Ty Rodgers OL 6-5 302 SR Pomfret, Md. (Iowa Western CC)

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Defense – Returning Starters in Bold

DE 52 Jerard Carter DE 6-2 285 JR Houston, Texas (Dekaney HS)
90 Zach Vaughan DE 6-4 265 JR Round Rock, Texas (McNeil HS)
80 Noah Jones DL 6-3 260 FR Lancaster, Texas (Lancaster HS)
DL 10 Ed Oliver DT 6-3 290 SO Houston, Texas (Westfield HS)
50 Aymiel Fleming DT 6-3 290 SO La Marque, Texas (La Marque HS)
DL 3 Reggie Chevis DL 6-2 290 SR Houston, Texas (Texas A&M)
92 Courtel Jenkins DL 6-2 325 SR Jersey City. N.J. (Miami)
99 Blake Young DL 5-11 275 SO Los Angeles, Calif. (Cerritos College)
DE 91 Nick Thurman DE 6-4 293 SR Dallas, Texas (Lake Highlands HS)
17 Chauntez Jackson DE 6-4 297 SR Inglewood, Calif. (Inglewood HS)
98 Payton Turner DL 6-5 240 FR Houston, Texas (Westside HS)
LB 8 Emeke Egbule LB 6-3 245 JR Galena Park, Texas (North Shore HS)
43 Leroy Godfrey LB 6-2 235 SO Missouri City, Texas (Elkins HS)
28 Amaud Willis-Dalton LB 5-11 200 FR Cypress, Texas (Cypress Ranch HS)
LB 9 Matthew Adams LB 6-1 237 SR Missouri City, Texas (Hightower HS)
36 Nomluis Fruge LB 6-0 225 SR Houston, Texas (E.L. Furr HS)
41 Derek Parish LB 6-2 240 FR Pearland, Texas (Pearland HS)
LB 12 D’Juan Hines LB 6-1 230 SR Spring, Texas (Dekaney HS)
22 Austin Robinson LB 6-3 235 SR Pearland, Texas (UTSA)
46 Jordan Milburn LB 6-0 228 SO Galveston, Texas (Ball HS)
CB 24 Jeremy Winchester CB 5-11 203 JR Spring, Texas (Klein Collins HS)
13 Joeal Williams CB 5-10 190 JR Missouri City, Texas (Hightower HS)
4 Devodric Bynum DB 5-10 175 FR Dallas, Texas (Lincoln HS)
CB 19 Javian Smith CB 6-2 188 SO Richmond, Texas (Bush HS)
14 Isaiah Johnson CB 6-3 195 JR Bryan, Texas (Rudder HS)
16 Ka’Darian Smith CB 5-11 180 SO Spring, Texas (Spring HS)
SAF 2 Khalil Williams SAF 5-11 210 SR Missouri City, Texas (Hightower HS)
5 Collin Wilder SAF 5-10 195 SO Katy, Texas (Katy HS)
15 Grant Stuard DB 5-11 198 FR Conroe, Texas (Oak Ridge HS)
SAF 1 Garrett Davis SAF 6-0 205 JR Red Oak, Texas (Red Oak HS)
23 Terrell Williams SAF 6-4 212 SR Lawton, Okla. (Northeastern Oklahoma A&M)
29 Darius Gilbert SAF 6-2 195 SO Springhill, La. (North Webster HS)

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Specialists – Returning Starters in Bold

K 47 Dalton Witherspoon K 5-8 175 SO Moore, Okla. (Northeastern Oklahoma A&M)
41 Joel Scarbrough K 5-9 175 SO Houston, Texas (Langham Creek HS)
P 38 Dane Roy P 6-7 240 SO Bunyip, Australia (St. Paul’s ASG)
LS 97 Nick Wildberger LS 6-1 220 JR San Antonio, Texas (Converse Judson HS)
KR 25 Dillon Birden RB 5-10 200 SR Houston, Texas (Blinn JC)
4 D’Eriq King QB 5-11 190 SO Manvel, Texas (Manvel HS)
PR 5 Collin Wilder SAF 5-10 195 SO Katy, Texas (Katy HS)
88 Steven Dunbar WR 6-3 202 SR Metairie, La. (Rummel HS)

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First of all let me say thank you! Then if you don’t mind me asking where did you get the depth chart from or how did you come up with the information? I don’t mean to ask so many questions it’s just my # 1 goal to have your Cougars as accurate as possible!

IMHO Postma has to be in the top 2. He probably would have been announced the starter already except for the fact he has only one year left and he has gotten injured twice in the last two years. So if you don’t start him because of injuries, he should be the number one backup hands down. note “IMHO” at the start

You think that Postma would start over Allen or do you mean he is just ahead of King? I have Postma # 2 on my depth chart it’s the WR’s, TE’s, DL, LB’s DB’s where I am a little confused. I keep getting different reports from different sources.

I think if Postma had more years and less injuries he would be the starter already. The other guys get more of a chance because even if Postma started and made it through the whole season injury free, we would be starting all over again next Summer.

I think Postma is far more valuable as a back up QB. If you look at the last 2 years, the games he excelled in were the ones he came off the bench when Greg got hurt. He led the incredible comeback against Memphis and kept our foot on the gas against Florida State. However, when he started games (i.e. teams were prepared for him), he wasn’t all that great. See UConn 2015 and Lamar 2016. Granted, in the Lamar game we didn’t do much passing, but he was 14-25 for 125 yds in that game. He had way more trouble connecting with receivers in that game than he should have.

Postma is an incredible athlete and if I had my way, he’d be playing WR while Kyle Allen starts at QB. More experienced depth at WR would be helpful this year and I don’t want to see Postma’s athleticism waste away holding a clipboard on the sidelines.

Kevrin Justice won’t be the 4th RB as I believe he’s out for the year. Patrick Carr or Davion Mitchell would be be better choices and may even be ahead of Mulbah Car on the depth chart.

Jerard Carter is also out for the year (or awhile) and won’t be starting at DE. Reggie Chevis would probably be a good choice to replace him.

Also, DL Courtel Jenkins isn’t eligible this season and is redshirting after transferring in from Miami. Alexander Duke may be a good one to sub in.

We also run a 3-4, or a 3-3-5, So the alignment listed on D is off.

At CB, I’d pencil in Isaiah Johnson as the other starter instead of Javian Smith and probably have Alexander Myres on the list over Bynum.

Grant Stuart is at OLB now, not safety. Tough to figure out the safety depth because of that 3-3-5 alignment. Terrell Williams will probably be “starting” in that 5th DB position.

Hoping the 2 deep will be out soon, but coaches are keeping it close to the vest right now so it’s tough to tell where everybody ends up.


Here is what I got so far or at least my rough draft.


I can’t wait to see Grant Stuart crashing the backfield from outside!

Couple notes on how I came up with the depth chart:

  1. Obviously no official chart from the team yet, so just based this off of returners from last year and where they ended up on the depth chart at he end of 2016.
  2. As far as some of the injuries mentioned, Carter, Justice, and Eloph are not gone for the year, they are expected back around mid season, so I included them where they would probably land if healthy. Only guy who is officially out for the year is Stevenson, thus his omission.
  3. Regarding position differences i.e. Grant Stuart SAF vs OLB, I merely listed positions as they are listed on the official roster.
  4. Regarding defensive alignment, D’Onofrio ran more 4-3 than 3-4 at Miami, but as stated before, we will probably play more base nickel 3-3-5 than anything else.
  5. One last note, as some have mentioned Postma listed 3rd, please note the “OR” listed beside each QB. Applewhite has not named a starter, and any of those 3 guys could be out there for the first series against UTSA. Postma being listed 3rd is purely alphabetical.

The way he looked last year throwing the rock there is no way he would be our starter this year unless he has improved immensely…I love the kid, but he is more of a backup…King or Smith would take over the controls before him IMO…

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