UH All-American Ed Oliver's MCL injury not considered serious

(Eric Prado) #1

(Monte P Gilliam) #2

I doubt very much if there is any serious injury…I have experienced major injuries to both knees, and i can tell you, any kind of ligament damage creates a situation where it is difficult to impossible to put weight on the knee…the ligaments are the hinges of the knee,…any damage destabilizes the joint. Ed was able to walk and put weight on ot which is a very good sign…My guess is Ed suffered a deep bruise and will be OK for SMU…That block by the Temple kid on Ed was low and i wish our coaches had made more of a stink about it…We should never tolerate low cut blocking that can injure kids…

(Chris) #3

That shop block was a 49ers trademark play. The refs should have seen it. How many refs are on the field or the sideline? You are supposed to protect players gentlemen.

(Patrick) #4

It was a legal block, unfortunately

(Chris) #5

My bad I thought it was illegal.

(PMM) #6

While it was technically “legal”, it was close to being a crack back block. Because it occurred in the tackle box,
it was legal !

All that said, it was a Chicken Sh!t move !!

(Ryon Adams) #7

I’m glad to hear that it’s not serious. But how long he’ll be out apparently remains to be soon. Hopefully it isn’t too long.

(Patrick) #8

I’m in complete agreement with you. NCAA should outlaw this type of dirty play as these kids aren’t getting paid and that hit could have ended his career. No respect for Geoff Collins and Temple for calling that.