UH Coach Major Applewhite 10-26-17 - The Triple Threat

(Patrick) #1

Sean, Rich, and Ted talk with UH football coach Major Applewhite every Thursday. This week they talk about the Cougars top 25 matchup against South Florida, their quarterback situation, and more.

(Patrick) #2

Only around 6 minutes long

  • Talk Astros and CMAs history with baseball (not good).
  • Mood of the team is that they have to finish. Have to play to an “A” game level in conference because everyone knows what you are doing.
  • Assignment errors on defense and turnovers at the end of the game that cost them chances to win it.
  • Need to work their tails off to get this fixed. Not going to fix in one week, have to fix overall culture.
  • USF runs the ball well and has a little experience. Very confident.
  • Flowers is like Ward, but with thickness. Have to stop the run game, contain the QB, and keep the WR in front of you.
  • Offense has to take care of the ball and the team has to focus.
  • Need more consistency at QB. Have talent there. Talks about King and how he’s been injured and been unable to get reps. Hard to fill Ward’s shoes.
  • Playing a 3rd straight team that just played a triple option team. USF didn’t really change much on defense against Tulane. Tulane isn’t the traditionally triple option team as they don’t go under center, do it from the shotgun.


That is funny should already have the culture since He was continuity hire.

(Bryant Hargrave) #4

I was thinking the exact same thing. Continuity should mean our culture is already in place. Statements like that make me even more nervous.


I don’t know, 2016 culture was nothing to write home about


CMA is looking more and more like Levine 2.0
Win 8 or hit the gate !


Bultokid said - “CMA is looking more and more like Levine 2.0 Win 8 or hit the gate!”

So if we loose tomorrow to USF should Hunter call Major in Monday morning and give him his walking papers since our maximum wins would then be 7? Now if he is on track next year at this time to not win 8 then his butt needs to be in the extremely hot seat.

(Butch) #8

Do you seriously think there is continuity with a team that felt betrayed by the previous coach?

(Cary) #9

He ain’t getting fired after one year, even if we don’t win another game. If UH does that, they are basically sending a massive red flag up for every good coaching candidate to avoid Houston. No coach wants to go into a situation where he is not given a little leeway to fix mistakes or problems. Now, after year two… All bets are off.


bigmccog said - “Do you seriously think there is continuity with a team that felt betrayed by the previous coach?”

This is one of the reasons we have to give CMA a chance, to build his continuity and get the team, recruits and fans to trust him.

and H-Town said - “Now, after year two… All bets are off.”

If we are failing next year I agree with H-Town.

(Jimmy Morris) #11

Things that are different that should have been obvious for everyone to recognize:

We played 12 games that year.
We played in C-USA, not the AAC.
We only won 5 games.
The only top 25 opponent didn’t even finish in the top 25.
Levine was following an undefeated regular season, Applewhite is following a 9 win season.

Even if we only go 6-5 and then lose in a bowl game, nothing about this season will be as bad as Levine’s first year.


We may not go 6-5. I know BYU is bad this season, but ECU destroyed them. That game went from almost guaranteed win to closer to a toss up. And we’ve seen what Tulane did to a Tulsa team that beat us

The worst Levine loss that season was obviously Texas State who did go 4-8. Not sure Tulsa gets to 4 wins

(br5exg) #13

That’s for damn sure. As upsetting as the Tulsa was it doesn’t compare to the embarrassment I felt that entire season and still haunts me today.


I agree, that Tx St game was the worst feeling ever as a Coog—even the NC St game. Not ready to step off the plank yet on the Major but it’s not a rosy start for sure.


Supposedly RK said 8-4 gets you fired at UH, no idea if true or not.

IF he loses out CMA will be fired soon as game is finished on 11/24, NO WAY Uncle Tillman will accept that mess. If you think some up and coming hard charger will not jump all over the UH job just because they fired a bad HC one year in you’re selling UH short

(G.W.) #16

Tom Herman brought an edge to UH. His expectations were very high and you had to do it his way or go home.

Applewhite seems to be running the same system, but the energy level is just not there. Hard to determine if he is a disciplinarian or a “player’s coach”.

(Tom) #17

His contract may save him this year if he goes winless hereafter, but all his position coaches will be fair game.

(VancouverCOOG) #18

That’s probably how it will play out. We need to replace the DC and the WR coach, to say the least.