UH Construction Update


Recently Completed
Multidisciplinary Research Engineering Building - $56M

July 2017
Health Biomedical Sciences 2 - $145M

September 2017
Indoor Football Practice Facility - $20M

November 2017
Substation Expansion - $26M

December 2018
Fertitta Center - $60M

August 2019
Quad Housing - $80M

A fifth parking garage (2400 spaces) on Elgin between Architecture and Law School

A new College of Education building on Cullen past Wheeler

Demolition of Farish Hall and the creation of a Centennial Court park adjacent to the fountain in its place

Renovation of core campus buildings (SERC, McElhinney, S&R 1, Agnes Arnold, Old Science, Roy Cullen).

The new Medical School

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Any detail into the medical school? Looking forward to it. I would love to have a chance to work there. Thanks!

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Anyone knows more about this project?

Is the renovation of the 6 buildings part of it?

(Patrick) #7

I don’t think so. Seems like it may be a new project. Can’t find anything on it though.


Quad replacement now in construction phase. 1200 beds.


Don’t forget about the football operations center. It has been put on the back burner but as the football team has more success, it will be built, or a different version of the original model.


End zone facility?

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Mentioned this in the track section as well, but this thread is also a good place for this. I don’t think that the Track section of Coogfans gets alot of traffic. The next project should be adding a press box to the track and soccer complex. The University of Maryland had a situation like we do and this is what they did.

(VancouverCOOG) #13

That’s a great idea!

I think the $150 million will be for the new medical school.


Quad Construction Cams

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sigh Law Hall… :expressionless: