UH Earth Science Ranked in Global Top 50

(Patrick) #1

In the 2017 Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities, the University of Houston entered the top 50 programs in the world for Earth Sciences, ranking at #41, among peers such as University of Texas Austin (#13), Rice University (#31), and Texas A&M University (#101-150).

This ranking includes universities in the U.S. and the rest of the world. Of the U.S. Earth Science departments, only 22 were ranked higher than UH.

Rankings on the Rise
“I expect our rankings will continue to rise, as we have managed to keep our original strength in research, while adding a strong group of junior faculty to the department,” said Hua-wei Zhou, chair of the UH Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS). “These junior faculty represent our future.”


that’s really gonna chap their a…ego.

(Ryon Adams) #3

A fitting ranking for the public research university located in America’s ENERGY CAPITAL!!!