UH in the college playoff ... IF

(Dave) #1

They beat OU and go undefeated according to this writer … LINK

However … according to JKirk

Should the coogs “slip up” after the OU game then they are probably out of a New Years bowl game.


If we lose to Louisville and they win the acc or are top 15 or so i still think we are in a ny6.

(Valar MorgCooglis) #3

Slipped up with UConn. Made NY6.

(Ben B) #4

If we beat Oklahoma and win the AAC, we are in the NY6 bowl with either 1 or 2 losses.


If we beat OU, we’ll be in the top 5. 1 loss isn’t going to allow Boise or SDSU or whoever else to jump us. That’s dumb.


If BSU or SDSU is undefeated and UH has beat OU but 1 loss it would still be close. Especially if its BSU. I’d prefer them and every other G5 team to have at least 1 loss so I could sleep better.