UH is held hostage and a stepping stone job with no P5 conference

What’s going to happen whenever UH hires another up n comer football coach and he decides to leave after 2 years. UH football job feels like a carrousel ride or a revolving door. Seems like were stuck in a twilight zone.

if herman really goes to ut…then we promote orlando…done deal.
hopefully he stays long enough for case keenum to make his way up the coaching ranks …he will not be much longer in the nfl I think.

So you accept it and move on. The one mistake was Levine because we didn’t want to get left. Keep hiring up and comers and winning. Eventually UH will get in. At UH it’s not about the coach. Briles, Sumlin, Herman…next man up. Try to maintain some consistency and retain as many current staff as you can.

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Pretty obvious, Case Keenum will be a coach someday, and a good one I bet. But he is 5 to 6 years away.

Most quarterbacks don’t get more than two years in college. Does anyone think this would’ve been the same offense with Kyle Allen next year? Reload and win some more.

Good thing is brought up Kyle Allen. Is he going to stay ?!

If he leaves he will have to sit out another year and by the time he gets to play he will have been out a very long time.

I like consistency but that doesn’t always work. My vote would be to catch Tillman’s plane to Tulsa and back a truck of money into Philip Mintgomery’s garage. This guy will be the next big deal. He coached at UH and runs the most dynamic offense in College FB. Tulsa will be butt hurt but this is war. We have survived and they will too.

Remember when we used to chant, “First down!” Its more dynamic than Herman’s offense. Ask Case Keenum. He ran Sumlin’s version of the Air Raid.

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I would think Montgomery would be one of our top 2 choices. The other would be
Dana Holgerson.

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He won’t have to sit, assuming he will have graduated.

Holgerson complained UH didn’t have fan support. He wouldn’t want to leave a P5 program anyway.

That was almost a decade ago.

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