UH notebook: Forward Nura Zanna shines in Cougars' upset of No. 5 Cincy

(Patrick) #1

“I grabbed him by one of those big ‘ol biceps he has (at practice Tuesday) and told him, ‘Do you understand I brought you here for this game? To play against these guys. This is not a game for boys. This is a game for a grown man. Nura is a grown man.”

(Patrick) #2

If I remember right, this picture shows a foul on Zanna

(morris williams) #3

You are correct sir, just one of many head scratching calls that went against us…


What a great motivational thing for Sampson to say. It worked brilliantly too. Wouldn’t have won that game without Zanna’s efforts.

(Butch) #5

Zanna played his heart out last night despite being the victim of some petty calls by the refs. While he is a terrible free throw shooter, he managed to get in there and tussel with the Bearcat bigs and throw their games off. Best game I have seen him play here…


I see the foul now! His bicep touched the guys elbow!!!

(Patrick) #7