UH ranked #67 university in USA by QA rankings

Proud to have three of my alma maters, including UH, in the Top 70!



Nice to see UH 4th in Texas and 66 overall.

Notice the numbers by state. NY - 42, Calif - 38, Texas - 19

The state of Texas needs to address this deficiency if it wants to
attract more high tech industry and businesses I think.

Had we jumped ATM they would’ve had a meltdown and said the list was fictitious.

As I’ve said before, when you account for the relative size of Texas’s universities, the advantage the other states have shrinks pretty substantially. California’s got like 10 AAU schools, sure, but they only have like 15,000 students, IIRC. A&M is quadruple that size.

This doesn’t sound right. What sources are you using ?

Today, the UC system includes more than 280,000 students and more than 227,000 faculty and staff, with 2.0 million alumni living and working around the world.

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