UH Road Woes vs the Elite

(Matt Jackson) #1

Couple Notes: UH is now 1-17 this century on the road vs ranked opposition and the margin of loss is not pretty. The one win was the Oliver Lafayette “Heat Check” 1 point win at LSU way back when under Penders.

Chris Harris = Waiting for Godot. Always has been always will be. Time to put those minutes, limited as they may be elsewhere.


well jeez, I wasn’t exactly surprised by yesterdays performance but I still felt bad. Now I feel worse.


With Brady out, where exactly do you put them? Sampson tried Fabian White, Zanna, even Valentine. None were that effective.

(Jason) #4

MOST programs, even the good ones, probably have a losing record on the road vs. ranked opponents this century. Granted 1-17 is terrible, but we are what we are. We’re not the program we want to be at this point (some of us expect a little too much, IMO), but I like where we are headed. Sampson has improved our program a little bit every year he’s been here. This will be his best team for sure. With that rate of improvement, we most certainly will get our turn in the sun. But we are what we are today: a good mid-major program that is still a work in progress. We weren’t gonna beat Wichita State at their place last night. Even in a closer game, they still win. They’re supposed to win. Good teams protect home court and win the games they are supposed to win. There’s a reason they have won 26 in a row at home. Coogs can do the same thing. Let’s get over it and move on.

(Matt Jackson) #5

You play small and zone or you play anyone but Harris. White even if he is overmatched at present is going to get better. Zanna at least tries hard. Harris is who he is. Harris has never understood concepts like switching and moving his feet. His hoops IQ is not his strong suit IMO.

(Jason) #6

I can’t disagree with that. However, Harris in the game is not the reason the Coogs lost last night. While his minutes should be limited with a healthy Brady, I actually like Harris as a long defender/rebounder that can help stretch the floor a little bit. And he’s also still working into the flow of the season rotation, having missed several games himself. I actually thought he did great with some key hustle plays vs. LSU a couple weeks back when Sampson was trying to find someone in the second half to try and plug the easy lanes we kept giving the Tigers. So, you take the good with the bad. He’ll continue to get better. He comes from a great JUCO program. The Coogs will continue to get better as well, and they will learn from this. You want them playing their best basketball at postseason time anyway, so, hopefully by then, they will have completely gelled. IMO, the ultimate key is going to be Rob Gray. That kid needs to step it up and fast. I have always questioned his leadership skills going back to when he first got here. He can still be a little streaky, but he has improved in that regard for the most part. At any rate, he has to get it in gear. Great players can have bad games, sure, but they rarely have two (or, in Rob’s case, THREE) bad games in a row. Say what you want about matchups, minutes distribution, etc…we not going anywhere without a productive Rob Gray and without him asserting himself more on the leadership end. You’ve always been my favorite poster, Matt. I have actually met you several times over the years. I still love your insight and always look for it. Go COOGS!

(Butch) #7

Sampson sees some potential there or Harris would not be on the court. Harris is very raw but certainly has some skills, so I will leave his playing time up to coach…

(Matt Jackson) #8

Appreciate the kind words…always love the Coogs