UH running back Dillon Birden likely to miss 3-6 weeks with elbow injury

(Patrick) #1

Poor kid. Hopefully he can get back for the end of the season.

University of Houston running back Dillon Birden is expected to miss three to six weeks with torn ligaments in his right elbow, a source with knowledge of the situation said Sunday.


Tough break for a great kid. He deserves better.

(Chris) #3

Get well, get right soon. Very hard to watch.


Does anyone know why Patrick Carr isn’t getting any PT at RB? Didn’t he have a sold Spring camp? Maybe he will have a better chance of playing now.

(G.W.) #5

Get well soon.
Kid can play.

(Patrick) #6

Coaches said that he had a solid spring game, but not to read too much into it as he was running against 3rd/4th stringers at the time. He did appear in the SMU game, along with Davion Mitchell, but Mulbah Car was the one that ended up as the 3rd string. My guess is we see a lot more of Car, but it’s possible that we’ll see more of Carr and Mitchell as well.


How did he tear elbow ligaments? Not an injury that is typical in football.


His elbow was severely dislocated. Those ligaments had to really stretch for his arm to end up like it did.


Like maybe someone twisted it…?


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Like maybe someone twisted it…?

He just landed awkwardly on it. Kind of looked like a typical hyper extension but there was definite movement and displacement of the elbow joint.



(Patrick) #12

It was pretty horrifying to watch. Just put his hand down to brace himself and his elbow gave out.

Between that, Gordon Hayward’s ankle, and Jeremy Lin’s knee, this past week has been tough to watch.


Patrick Carr the transfer from the Pac12 was highly recruited decided to come back and play for his hometown. I’ve been wondering all season why they are not using his speed. It Seems to me Applewhite has talent not playing. The same way Levine had his talent (G Ward) on the shelf.


Patrick Carr only played in the Rice game 2 touches nothing at SMU. Carr is the most experienced back at U Of H. He started at Colorado as.true freshmen rush over 100 yards against UCLA Don’t believe everything Mr Apple claims. At the end of the Day he wasn’t recruited by Pope. They are playing their recruits. The talent is there they just need to play their talent.

(jb) #15

I wanna preface this by saying I think Birden is an integral part of the offense and a heck of an athlete. The last thing I want to do is sound dismissive of disrespectful of a UH student-athlete. Clearly the kid has heart to make it on this team as a walk-on and to contribute the way he has.

I say that to say that stuff like this is bound to happen to a player his size. He’s gotten nicked up in almost every game this season. I’m glad he’s a part of the team, but I sincerely have concerns about his health. It is such a brutal game.

(Jerrycoog) #16

Birden has played well this year and he has been better than Catalon in some games. This sucks for him I hope he is able to make it back before the season is over.

(Mike Higdon) #17

Bummer. The kid has really busted his butt for the team.

(Patrick) #18

It’s been proven on a number of occasions that CMA isn’t always truthful in his press conferences. You may be right.

I do remember when there was a rumor that came out after the spring that Carr was leaving the team (as well as Catalon). Somehow, he was talked into coming back.

(Patrick) #19