UH’s Athletic Director Sees a Final Four Run From Kelvin Sampson Coming, Much Improvement for Dana Holgorsen in Year Two - Papercity Mag

Well let’s don’t put any pressure on Coach lol. I am just tickled we are competitive again


I agree with Pez, I believe the Final Four is in our future - and maybe in the next couple of years.

I also believe Dana will bring the football team back to winning the AAC as well.


I think that Coogs Basketball makes at least an Elite8 appearance b4 paragragh 2 happens.
Not trying to be neg on Football jmho.

Well I guess it doesn’t help I’m not a CDH fan in the least bit when I formed my opinion!! :grin::smile:

Red, the sooner the better!

Sure am hoping it happens soon. Like George Thorn once said, “Heck, I don’t even buy green bananas anymore”.

Me too! And I personally love beating teams I don’t like! Go Coogs

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I think we are going to be in the Final Four next season. And I would not be shocked to see us win the whole thing. Top 5 team if everyone comes back. We’re perennial top 15-20 right now in most preseason Polls. With them projecting Jarreau as gone.


We are in position to make a run at a Final Four and have been for 3 seasons.
I will not say we should not I think we will because a lot has to go right to have that magical run.

I believe there is a chance and as long as I can say that then things are going VERY well.

With the recruiting headwinds that CKS is making, I believe we should think bigger than the Final 4.

We’ve been to the Final Four six times in our history: five times in the NCAA and once in the NIT.

I don’t want making the Final Four to be our reward. I want UH to bring home the NC trophy.

Think Bigger.

Winning it all is at the top of my bucket list. I am sure a lot schools and their fans feel the same.
Takes talent, coaching and a little luck here and there. Just North Carolina State.
But just to be in the discussion means a bunch to most of us old timers. Wish we could say the same about our other sports teams

If Harris gets another year, everyone else returns, and our new recruits are as good as hyped, then next season could be VERY special.


I don’t see Srs getting another year but even without he and one of the guards we can still have the highest of ceilings.

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Have seen no evidence of Basketball Seniors getting an extra year

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At least we didn’t give him a national championship plaque yet!!!

Lol truth!


Well, then here’s the evidence that you’ve been looking for:

The NCAA plans to vote on the issue of whether or not to give winter sports seniors an additional year.

No guarantee that it will pass, of course, but it is a possibility.

And if they do get another year, and Harris comes back together with the rest of our team…THEN WHOOOOOOOOA NELLIE!!!

I already read that. Basketball is not “Winter-Spring”

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It’s a Winter sport, which means that it will be under consideration.

Look at the headline.

It says winter AND spring athletes will be considered for additional eligibility. There’s no mention of “winter-spring,” which is what you said. WINTER sports will be considered. Given that, Basketball, as a WINTER sport, is one that could possibly see its participants granted an extra year of eligibility, especially given that its post season and championships were cancelled.

One guy was even quoted, so that there is no confusion: “I am definitely in support of an extra year or semester of eligibility for our spring sport athletes,” Smith said. “I haven’t looked at the winter sports. My assumption is off the top of my head I would be supportive of that as well.”

Think about it…WINTER sports like basketball might also be considered for additional eligibility, based on that.

IF that were to happen, …AND… Harris were to return as a result, together with the rest of the team, then as I said before…WHOOOOOOOA NELLIE!!!

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