UH searching for a backup plan at quarterback

(Patrick) #1

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Briles admits having a playmaker like King will allow the Cougars to do different things offensively.

“It’s fun. It allows you to play 11-on-11,” Briles said. “A lot of times you are playing 10-on-11 and the quarterback is back there distributing. So when you do have the ability to do that, it adds a different element and is tougher on the defense for those guys to have to defend it. But there’s also the balance of keeping that guy healthy.”


I really like Smith’s closing statement. Control yourself and just get better.


If Tune doesn’t earn the #2 spot, I hope we red-shirt him.


i doubt he gets redshirted regardless…we havent made it through 1 season in Years without a qb missing a game… we will need a backup when that happens (qb3)

(Patrick) #5

If he isn’t the backup, he’ll probably redshirt. We have Mason McClendon that can fill in as a backup in a pinch. In this scenario, if King and Smith go down for extensive time, they’ll pull the redshirt off Tune.

However, I can also see the new staff getting Smith onto the field somehow. Kid has tons of athleticism and would be wasted just holding a clipboard.


I get that having your best playmakers on the field is ideal but something about having the #1 and #2 QBs on the field and at risk at the same time makes me more twitchy than I am comfortable with. But, too, maybe they will have to play Smith somewhere to keep him from transferring.

(Butch) #7

Smith is too talented to not see the field in some capacity…


Even if he’s running with the 2’s through Spring and Fall Camp, they should give him reps against the first team defense. Just in case his number get’s called this year. He’ll probably get some real game time experience in the 3rd quarter against Rice and TSU. lol