UH should take next big step without Art Briles at helm

This is generally the same theme coming from every sportswriter. Even Tillman’s comments about Briles today did not elicit a positive response from the sportswriters and all he was basically saying that Briles probably wouldn’t be hired because we couldn’t vet him properly.

UH should take next big step without Art Briles at helm
Houston risksbeing caughtin middle in bidto go big time (sp)
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As for Briles, it’s the easiest decision UH will make. Stop talking about him. Stop attaching his broken name to a university on the rise. Stop appeasing a couple wackos who already have forgotten 2007 - and Baylor’s massive sexual-assault coverup in Waco.

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I would agree on his take regarding the briles candidacy for the HC position.

Best quote in that article.

No more Levines

Could he rehabilitate his image here if he pledged to donate 1/2 his salary to womens shelters to help abused women?

No, just stop.


We have one of the hottest jobs in the country. Second behind Oregon.

We don’t need to commit reputational suicide in order to find a good coach or win a bunch of games.


I agree. I was nodding my head when he called the proponents of briles as “wackos”!!!

Let Texas Tech hire Briles. UH needs to stay away. He was great to rebuild the Houston football program but he is not what the team needs at this juncture.

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So true, Pablo. Other than one good year on defense, at Baylor, the rest of time his defense would dissapear.

Briles is one of the top three of four coaches in all of football. If he wants to rehabilitate his image, might as well be here.

Him or Dana would fit just fine. I’d love either of those. After that, for me, it’s a picket between Les Miles, Major Applewhite and Todd Orlando. In order.

Yea with his 3-6 bowl record. You’re a freaking troll. One can tell easily from your previous posts.


Rehabilitate his image at the expense of the reputation of the University of Houston? You must be crazy, stupid or a troll. Maybe all of them. Get lost.


I wouldn’t want Briles either. That said, Brian Smith is a garbage writer. Regardless of who we hire, he’ll be taking his shots of the hire within a month. His opinion means nothing.

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Exactly. I thought the Chronicle had one too many click-bait writers with Jerome Solomon. BTS is completely unnecessary.

Orlando as HC and Briles as OC? Maybe?

Dear Cougars: Just Say No to Art Briles
By John Royal

I’ve got a daughter. In no way, shape or form would I let her attend UH with the history of the predators that Briles recruits. And the sad thing is he got good guys when he was our coach. He just let winning blind him.

I think the media is blowing the chances of Briles getting hired way out of proportion. Tillman is bringing up Briles because he is being asked about him. He is giving a political answer because we have other big money boosters that want Briles badly. Tillman is trying to ensure that they don’t get upset, but I don’t see him having a chance of getting hired.

I agree 100% with you.

Coach O as HC; Briles as OC; Strong as DC for $1.

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