UH tackle leader Stuard played 2019 injured; surgery set for Monday

I had sliding inguinal surgery around 1991 and still have numb tissue from nerve damage, fortunately mostly numbness to the right below my navel. In 2010 I had my ascending large colon removed and it is a toss up as to which was harder, probably the latter but I still, all too well remember the hernia. It was supposed to be 3 tiny cuts but ended to being those and a 6" cut toward my hipbone.

The hernia itself was not so painful but could be if left as was or inevitably got worse
I have no clue what a sports hernia is but I bet it slowed him noticeably.


Guess he did not get the tanking memo.


Lots of others played injured and sucked it up too. Stuard gave 110% on each play.


I hope the injury won’t have long term effects on Grant. He exemplifies such a great competitive spirit.

If he was playing injured this year… man, I can only imagine what his speed will be like next year with even more training and help on the defensive side of the ball.


Hopefully, his recovery will be as successful as mine. Tried lifting a portable generator into my PU truck and felt the pull. Six inch incision for repair and I did not require one pill from the expensive bottle of pain killers . I was up and walking my dog after just a couple of days . . . . . I am fortunate and blessed to be a Cougar . . . . .


“Cauthen sucks”…blah, blah, blah…

This was one Hell of a tough year for this new staff. They did a great job getting the kids to play on guts.


Is Cauthen scheduled for surgery too ? ? ? ? ? Or was his an injury that did not require surgery ? ? ? ? ? Worried about the price of eggs in China ? ? ? ? ?

I think the DC did the best he did with what we had this year. We were not good up front and at CB and without those in modern football you can only do so much as a coach.

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Redshirting is not tanking. Coach has said he needed to increase redshirting. King needed a year after his injury.

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Grant is one tough man and a great Cougar ! I am totally grateful for his devotion to the team and our great University . Thank you Grant !
Go Coogs !


4 of the top 5 leading tacklers for UH this year were defensive backs.

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I hope Stuard gets better. I was already impressed with Stuard; this news just raises my respect for him even more. Still, for the young man’s future beyond UH, I hope he gets well, even if he has to stay away from the field. God bless him.


I thought I shot that one two feet off the ground. Still made it over one’s head.


He was the defensive MVP.


And there I was thinking this thread was about Stuard and his injury . . . . . seems there is a lot of rabbit chasing on Coogfan threads . . . . .

that’s the nature of the open forum, heck, many of us are in IT, read ADD

That position is like a linebacker, its always going to be making lots of stops.

I’m hungry. I chase rabbits like a bloodhound.

Today was a Chamber of Commerce day on the golf course . . . . .

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