UH/Tulane game


When will the kickoff time be announced?

(Eric Prado) #2

Probably this Monday or Tuesday.

(Eric Prado) #3

(Jay C.) #5

Tulane kick set for 3 P.M. on ESPNNews.

Loving that. Plenty of time for lunch and early games at Walk-On’s in NOLA before heading down for the game.


Thanks! That leaves plenty of time to party after the game…

We will be taking the St. Charles streetcar line from the French Quarter to Tulane…

Go Coogs!!!

google. www.norta.com/Maps-Schedules/Overview

(Jay C.) #7

That’s a good hour on the streetcar. If you’ve never done the streetcar before, it’s worth the experience, but I’ll be doing the 10 minute Uber ride.


Thanks, have to look at that again. One hour trip is too long…

(Robert Cahill) #9

Will there be a Cougar Walk before the UH game? And if so, where, when?