UH two-deep: Sizing up Cougars' offensive depth chart

(Patrick) #1

(Kyle) #2

I love our WRs this year…

(Cristian) #3

Is duke not back on the team? Checked the official roster and no signs of him there. Asking for a friend.


Patrick said he is practicing with the team and will walk on.

(Patrick) #5

Not sure if he’ll walk-on, just that he’s practiced with the team. He has to show up for training camp and meet some conditions to be reinstated.

(Kyle) #6

Duke Catalon is practicing with the team?

(Patrick) #7

He had been during the summer. We’ll see if that continues once training camp opens in a couple of days.

(Tom) #8

He would be beast for us in briles offense. Hope he shows up and rejoins the team.

(Paul Marlow) #9

We are better with Catalon than without him. Would be great to have 3 solid running backs and not have to use Walker as freshman.