UH, UTSA monitoring flooding ahead of Saturday's scheduled game

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I’d hate to see another situation like SMU UH during the last hurricane. Kids’ hearts weren’t in it.

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It’s more than just the flooding that is a distraction. Many if not most of the athletes are there for an education too. A little tough to keep up with lectures and classwork when you are getting shipped from city to city just to practice for football. But yeah, some of these inner city kids have loved ones dealing with flood issues, safety and money issues to deal with it all. So I don’t blame them if football is the last thing on their minds right now.


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I agree.

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You’re talking about the UH-Air Force game that was moved to Dallas, right? Don’t know about the kids’ hearts, but a big problem that day was that the TS Allison ended up going up to Dallas and raining all over the game which made it very difficult for the then Air Raid Cougars against Air Force’s option attack.

Looking at both teams’ schedules, the only option to play this game on a different date would be a week after the conference championship game (same week as Army-Navy, Dec 9th). It’s doable, since it’s a non-conference game and there’s nothing going on at the Alamodome between UTSA’s last home game on November 18th and the Alamo Bowl on December 28th.

The big issue for having the game this week (among many, many others) is whether or not UH would be able to get their gameday equipment there in time. Considering the plan was for them to come back, my guess is that the equipment is not there with them. With Harvey about to head back into the gulf and dump more water on Houston, the freeways may not be passable in time to get the equipment to San Antonio.

Anyway, I completely trust the AD and coaching staff to have the students’ best interest in mind as they decide. Lot more important things going on than football right now.

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Exactly my point.

FYI, my understanding is the entire football operations went with the team per previous reporting. I believe equipment went to Austin as well.

and yes, AFA vs UH at SMU stadium in an absolute deluge. Nothing like playing a run-option team in a flood when you’re a passing team.

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I will add… My guess is they play the game and what happens… happens. Austin and San Antonio are supposed to have some rain as the bands whip around, but no flooding. Saturday is supposed to be sunny here. When the team and equipment are all available, whether their hearts are elsewhere may just have to be dealt with unfortunately.

I live in San Antonio. The initial thought was that we were going to get the brunt of Harvey, but it turned along the coast. Back in Deer Park, my mother-in-law was rescued by the Coast Guard this morning and is at a shelter. Believe me I get it… My heart and mind are in Houston right now.

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That was your second favorite feature in the past wasn’t it.

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I apologize, didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t. My fault if it came across that way.

And you may be right about the gameday equipment:

Edit to add:

This could also be an option:

It would put the Coogs on a short week for Arizona.

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There is no outright ignore feature and there likely never will be. That is not Coogfan’s fault. The designers of the software made a very deliberate choice that communities should police themselves and not resort to just blocking. Ignore fails often also because ignored often get quoted in replies.

The mute feature shuts down notifications from certain users plus keeps them from messaging you.

If you notice, the tone on this board is muuuuuch better and more positive than most. IN 15 months of existence, we have only had to ban 2 people. On the old Coogfans we had to ban people weekly.

If we could have an ignore option, we would, but we can’t as it stands. It’s not us being stubborn. That being said this is one fine community that is enjoyable 99.99% of the time, and y’all make it so.

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I didn’t infer anything negative in your comments. I simply wanted to point out my state of mind regarding the flood compared to the reality of moving a nationally televised football game and all the logistics that go along with that. .

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LSU fans saying their game likely moving to Orlando but could also be Phoenix.

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Glory Hallelujah! I pray for the same for all my Cougar Brethren.

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Dane Roy retweeting his girlfriends message. Asking for UH help at GRB for Red Cross

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