UH vs Memphis 5/14 DH (Gm1 W 2-1 Gm2 L 13-7)

Let’s go boys …need to win this series


I’ll take that one all day long :grinning:

Going to t7 tied up 1-1

Middle 8th Coogs up 2-1

t9 bases loaded no outs Coogs up 2-1

Coogs win Gm 2-1

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They need to tank!! Ooops sorry, wrong Sport.

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The sound of one hand clapping and one person somehow thinking this means anything.

How do you give up 8 runs in one inning to a team that is worse than they (UH) are? Wow!

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Without Glasser, this would even be worse than it already is. He is 5-5 DESPITE having a 2.73 era. Pathetic. No excuse for this kind of season.


OUCH :scream:

Please let this season be over Lord!

Can we please pray for a miracle that we win the conference tournament championship! :pray:

Why so we can be a bottom seed and get embarrassed in the NCAA tournament? Or just to say we won a championship which is nice and hang a banner? No, just let the season be over


Uhhh BIGGGG Nnnooo for me!
That’s the problem a couple of the yrs they managed to Win the CT then it appears all is well.
Big No for me!

I just noticed Frank has UT at #4. No coincidence we are not doing well


But you have to find an able replacement. It’s been a few years.

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Just a totally embarrassing season. Whitting needs to clean ship and get his butt back on the recruiting trail

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I noticed that as well. He is not the head coach, he is an assistant.

I know some people would like to hire Sean Allen and he may be a good choice, but I also wonder if Anderson would want another shot as a head coach. Probably could not pay him what he makes as an assistant at Tennessee.


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