UH vs Texas A&M - Tuesday 6:30pm ESPN+ (L 9-4)

• TUESDAY: #35 Nathan Dettmer (Fr., RHP, 2-0, 1.76) vs. #37 Blake Schultz (So., RHP, 2-0, 3.00)

Go Coogs, Beat Aggie!

Go Coogs!!! Beat the Ags

Dang, grand salami by Gags…walks and HBP again…got to cut the freebies WAY down

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What’s the record for most times in a season a pitcher has been left in the game when giving up 4 walks in one inning ? Whatever it is, I think we’re gaining on it.

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That was a frustrating inning. Being aggressive hasn’t paid off for the Coogs much.

Top of the 4th

6-1 Aggies

2 run HR Aggies, 2 out.

Pitching change for the Coogs (3rd pitcher to come on for the Coogs)

New pitcher, 2 quick outs

Man on first, hit by pitch.

Aggies caught stealing.

On to the bottom of the 4th

I hate these damn bats, know its budget necessary at the non-pro level, didn’t even make full swing and still went out…that was a broken bat pop up with wood

More walks …6 BB and 2 HBP in 3 2/3…drives coaches insane

Bottom of the 4th

New pitcher for Aggies

6-1 Aggies

Runners stranded on 2nd and 3rd on a pop up.

On to the top of the 5th.

1,2,3 top of the 5th. On to the bottom of the 5th.

6-1 Aggies

6-4 Aggies

On to the top of the 6th.

Man we can’t throw strikes tonight

And after that 2 strikeouts and a 1 pitch top out. Coogs trail 8-4 going into bottom 7. Bats needs to get hot

. Top 8 Coogs trail 8-4

I checked and the Friday night game at Oklahoma is on Fox Sports Southwest - Channel 37 on Comcast. I’ll flip over there after the Basketball game. I didn’t scroll forward to see if Sat and Sunday are being broadcast on same channel as well.

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