UH vs UT in a bowl? possible?

I read that it might be possible to play UT. Twilight zone situation if Herman left for UT and Applewhite coached against Herman and played in a bowl.

I just threw up in my mouth. On multiple levels.

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Exactly what bowl and in what universe … Earth 2 maybe where PowerGirl resides … maybe she can come to the game …



Yeh…that isn’t going to happen. If they win, they barely hit 6 wins. We will be in a much better bowl. Why you starting crap? Ha

Small possibility of Cactus bowl.

It’s kinda funny but someone brought it up.

Not a chance; they would refuse to even play in any bowl if we were their opponent. No way would they take a chance of losing to us! NO FRIGGIN WAY!

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Applewhite wouldn’t be coaching against Herman in a bowl. Newly hired coaches typically don’t coach the Bowl game.

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It is possible, but a few things need to happen. Navy needs to win out and garner the NY6 Bowl invitation for the G5 rep which puts them in the Cotton Bowl and not in the Ft Worth Bowl. UH is rumored to be the backup plan for the Ft Worth Bowl spot if Navy is unable to play in it.

Texas would then have to beat TCU this weekend to get to 6 wins and be bowl eligible, while TCU would have to win the following week to become bowl eligible as well. The winner of OU/OSU would then have to not be selected for the Playoffs. That would leave 6 teams eligible for the 6 non NY6 bowl slots (The OU-OSU winner would be selected for the Sugar Bowl) to which the bowls would then be able to select any of the 6 teams in the following order:

Valero Alamo
Russell Athletic
AdvoCare V100 Texas
AutoZone Liberty
Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

So, more than likely, the first 5 bowls aren’t going to pass on Texas, especially with some of the other choices available (Baylor…). More than likely, in this scenario, we play Baylor or TCU.

The other scenario would be the Cactus Bowl. The PAC 12 will not fill their slots as they currently have 6 eligible and ASU has to beat Arizona to get a 7th eligible. They have 8 tie-ins with the 7th being the Cactus Bowl. Since they may not fill it, its possible that we could replace them in that bowl game and play a Big 12 team. Problem is the Cactus Bowl is only one step up the rung from the Armed Forces Bowl which still means that 4 other bowls would have to pass on Texas. There’s basically no chance with Baylor and, potentially, 6-6 TCU sitting there (or even Kansas State, West Virginia, or Oklahoma State…if I’m a bowl game and I have my choice between those 6 programs, I probably take Texas first).

There would be no other way for the Coogs to play UT this year as all the other tie-ins will be covered. So basically, this has been a long-winded way of agreeing with all the other posters that there’s no chance we play UT in a bowl game this year. Baylor or TCU could be on the table though.

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Houston would win!

Screw them. Let those whorns and their fans suck it as all they get to do during bowl season is sit at home on their couches watching other teams play. Saying that I despise them would be going easy on them.

It would have to be a Longhorn fan to think it up because only a UT fan would think a 6-6 UT would be a good bowl matchup with a 10-2 UH.

  1. UT is probably going to lose again
  2. UH may still get an NY6 bowl without an automatic pick
  3. When Tom signed with UH, UH didn’t have a problem with waiting until the season was over for Ohio State before he came aboard, so I doubt Tom would make himself look like a complete dick by ditching his players before their bowl game.

#3, well Sumlin and Briles left before their bowls.

Sumlin and Briles left before the game because they weren’t playing for the national championship. Herman would have left Ohio State if not in a big bowl. (National championship) However, that doesn’t happen too often with the Buckeyes.

my point exactly. herman is gone (if he decides to leave) after memphis.

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