UH vs UTSA game postponed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

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Thanks for posting. Given the circumstances, this makes the most sense.

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I’d anticipate this one won’t get played. We’ll probably just tack on another year to the series.

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As much as I was excited for the season to start, I understand this decision and applaud it.

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I think you’re right. Looking at our future schedules, the earliest we can add this game to the schedule is 2025 if we don’t change anything. We already have 2 road games for 2018-2021 and already have UTSA on the schedule for 2022-2024.


Are we still in Austin? Odds that there’s a private scrimmage between our boys and Moo U. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Early reports indicate the schools are looking at Dec. 2 as a makeup date for the game if neither team is involved in its league championship.

The title game for Conference USA, of which UTSA is a member, is Dec. 2.

“Everything’s happened so fast we haven’t had a chance to look at what all the options are,” Hickey said, adding that fans will be reimbursed for tickets bought for Saturday’s game if no future date can be agreed on.