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Anybody have any clout with whoever edits the records book?
Bill Henry was on the first UHBB team in 1947 and went on to pitch in MLB from 1952-1969, including an all-star game and world series. His last game was with the Astros in '69. He’s never been mentioned in our media guides or the records book. I spoke with Rolan Walton at a game a couple of years ago and he verified that BH was a teammate in '47 so I gave the info I had to Traci Cauley. I saw they put his name on a banner at the park listing Coogs in the Majors, but still no mention of him on the All-Time Roster in the records book, though they did remove the line that credits Tom Paciorek with being, in 1970, the first Cougar to play in MLB. I’d like to see BH in the records book, plus it just sounds better to say a player from the very first team made it to the Majors, as opposed to it took 23 years to get one there.


Before playing baseball at UH for one year, Bill Henry was a forward on Pasadena High School’s 1946 state championship team in basketball.


Yep, Ned Thompson was his coach at PHS and UH. He recruited Henry to play ball at UH. They’re both buried at the same cemetery in Pearland. I wonder if that’s coincidence or if they kept in touch all those years.


I would contact sports information.

I had to check and see if Doug Osburn had played MLB, but it appears it was only minor league.

Actually, based on THIS list, THREE Cougars may have pre-dated Bill Henry in MLB, HOWEVER, given the dates that they played MLB, they must not have played baseball at UH (at that point, UH didn’t have a baseball team, to the best of my knowledge).

Bill Henry is apparently the first Cougar to have PLAYED baseball at UH to make the big leagues.

He apparently had a long career as a MLB reliever, in an era when relief pitching didn’t have the prominence that it now has. He probably should get more “official” recognition from UH.

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Doug Osburn was also Rice’s head coach from 1963–1980.

Yeah, most likely the three you’re referring to attended UH after their pro careers. Same for Glenn Vaughan (Lamar HS, Houston) & John Paciorek (Tom’s brother) who both played for the Colt 45’s in 1963 at 18 & 19 years old respectively. Check out John’s stats; probably the greatest one-game career in the history of MLB. The only other player on that list not in UH media guides or the records book is Terry McDaniel.

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