UH's Ed Oliver wins Outland Trophy

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For those who missed it. This is a tremendous honor for Ed, our city, and our university.


I can’t guarantee it, but a quick look through the past winners of the Outland seems to indicate that Ed is the first sophomore to ever receive the award. If that is true, a much bigger deal needs to be made of this. I used Wikipedia for my research and it doesn’t come right out an tell you what year of college the winner was in, except for Ed because he’s still in college. Maybe someone could research that in depth to verify.

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Yes…Its says it in the article.

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He could be in the Heisman discussion next season if he remains healthy and UH has a NY6 type season.

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…and while doing it in a non P5 conference. I have no doubt that he would have been Defensive Player of the Year if Houston would be playing in the small12.


Good to hear that The Big O will be back next season shooting for the Heisman.

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Well deserved. Congrats to Big Ed

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What a fantastic group of endorsers! Lets go to the PAC and play USC, UCLA, Stanford, Berkeley,
Arizona, and Wahington!


So it does. just missed it I guess. Still, this should be a huge, huge deal and instead out side of the football program it seems like it barely mentioned.

Also, there has only been one two-time winner, Dave Rimington Nebraska OC in 1981 and 82. Ed could very well repeat if he stays healthy.

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When you tackle both the quarterback and the running back. That’s together!

(pic lifted from comments in Ed’s twitter, kudos to whoever posted this one)


Rimington ended up with an award named after him. :thinking:

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I think one of the things I love most about Ed is that he always seems to enjoy life. He clearly loves football and just enjoys doing what he does. And the confidence he exudes is never at the expense of others. He never grandstands for attention, even when he was a HIGHLY recruited HS player. He has been such a fantastic ambassador for our program and I hope he will continue to be even after he’s making millions in the NFL.

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But the main trophy goes to Oliver, who had a season to remember for a few reasons. Houston’s first game was canceled because of Hurricane Harvey. Oliver and the team were sent to Austin, 160 miles away, before the storm hit. Oliver remembers flying back to his hometown a few days later and seeing standing water on the freeways from the airplane.

“You’d be driving and it’d be fine and then it’d just be like, total devastation,” Oliver said. “And you’d be riding and you get this smell, and it just stinks. And you see people on the streets and it’s just a bad deal. But we came out of it Houston strong.”

The 6-foot-3, 290-pound defensive tackle tweaked his MCL in early October, but still played every game for the Cougars. He led the team in tackles for loss, sacks, quarterback hurries and blocked kicks.

Oliver said he wasn’t going to let an injury derail his final season with his brother, the main reason he ended up at Houston.

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