UH's new offense under Kendal Briles is about more than passing

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Fantastic article from JD for those wondering about our new offense:

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Briles also likes the versatility of quarterback D’Eriq King, whose speed and elusiveness gives the Cougars another option in the run game.

“We love the run game,” Car said. “It’s an opportunity for us to make moves, make plays. We’re going to be very active, explosive. We’re growing right now and learning all the plays. By the end of the spring I think the running game is going to be good.”

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We’ll be balanced and unpredictable…anyone who ever watched Baylor knows this offense is just as much about running as passing, and its a great blend of both.


I’m soooooooooooooooooo looking forward to Cougar football next season! The offense will once again be prolific and make national headlines with its production.

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I’m still curious if the OL will use the same wide splits they did at Baylor? And who’s running 1st team, 2nd, etc.


I can’t wait to get some revenge on Tulane.


I liked what I saw in Mulbah Car last year, even in a paltry overall running game, but wouldn’t mind seeing Terrance Williams transfer here.

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I think we’ll see a lot of Car and Kelan Walker, once he arrives. Both are big and physical runners that can do a lot of damage. Figure they’ll mix in a guy like Mitchell or Carr at times for speed purposes.

This running game should be exciting in this offense and may harken back a bit to the three-headed monster of Beall, Sims, and Hayes.


I hope you’re right. I think over the past few years we’ve tried too much horizontal running/screen passes because we couldn’t get enough push from our OL up front. We tried spreading defenses out by running/throwing sideways, but our WRs weren’t great at blocking either. Sounds like with the Briles offense we spread defenses out before snapping the ball. I can see D’Eriq King doing significant damage in this offense with his quickness and speed. Looking forward to seeing a preview tomorrow.

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I liked this part:
“The Cougars are likely to use sets that include no fewer than four receivers, with an emphasis placed on speed.”

I have missed the speed we used to have back wen Case was here throwing to Edwards, Carrier, etc.

OH, and I like this part even more:
" “We’re a physical, downhill team,” he said. "We’re not running a lot of sideways runs taking negative (yards). We run the ball downhill and we’re going to be physical in the way we do that." "

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I was hoping we would be using tight ends more …

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I found it interesting that CMA didn’t seem to know that we would be running the ball more ???:sunglasses:

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Really, that is your goal !



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Four receivers does not necessarily mean there is no Tight End. Briles offense has historically utilized a Tight End in the passing game. Think back on how we used Hafner back when Briles was at UH.


There were quite a few passes to TEs today.