UH's Tom Herman preaching 'one-game season'

UH’s Tom Herman preaching 'one-game season’
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“It’s a one-game season,” Herman said. “We have to protect our stadium, where we have been pretty damn good. We need to get that winning feeling back in our program and then take a deep breath, hopefully heal up, rest, freshen up and get ready for the final stretch.”

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What … are we the Righteous Brothers now … and have we Lost That Lov-winning feeling

deep breath … heal up … rest … freshen up … are we playing football or doing Jack Lalanne exercises!!!

SORRY but I prefer Knute Rockne and Vince Lombardi … beating/knocking the OTHER GUYS senseless or spitless … hit and hit them again … extend NO MERCY …

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Well whatever CTH told them at halftime … he should patent it or record it for future use …

MY GUESS is it WASN’T any touchy good feelings and rest up speech …

Probably followed my advice and did a Vince Lombardi … pulled some arms outa their sockets kicked/rearranged some patooties and got these guys back on track.

Practically the same fellas who rolled over and said me next to a bunch of lame purinas last week.

Anyway 28 unanswered points vs. 3 … would have been easily 35 but unlike Sansa Stark he held off the dogs at the end.

Word is that Orlando lit into the defense and then Garrett Davis made a speech about “heart” that the coaches and players said inspired them.

CTH ought to make Davis a captain if that’s the case.

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