University of Houston Foundation

For those interested in our schools financial support resources , here is a good
link that summarizes the University of Houston Foundation filings, contributions, and
growth of last 10 years.

2019 Net Assets $148 million
contributions 9.5 million
revenue 15 million

2009 Net Assets $ 75.9 million
contributions 4.6
revenue 4.3

|Key Employees and Officers|Compensation|
| — | — |
|Terrylin G Neale (President)|$269,529|
|Joanne Kelley (Accounting Manager)|$105,875|
|Alvin Zimmerman (Chairman)|$0|
|Paula Douglass (Vice Chair)|$0|
|Ronald Page (Secretary)|$0|
|Orlando Sanchez (Treasurer)|$0|
|Rob Arnold (Trustee)|$0|
|Michael Cemo (Trustee)|$0|
|Cheryl Creuzot (Trustee)|$0|
|Robert Cullen (Trustee)|$0|
|Ricky Raven (Trustee)|$0|

I think in my next career I’d like to be president of a foundation.


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